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How to consume CBD flowers?



The idea of CBD flowers may seem daunting and the subject of the CBD may still be taboo
for some, but we hope to tell you why the CBD might be something you should consider.
Using the CBD.

People use CBD for a variety of reasons and with more and more studies coming out of the
FDA, it’s no wonder that CBD has gained popularity. You may have seen advertisements for
CBD or seen it in legal coffee shops, but you may be wondering what type of CBD you
should use.
There are different ways to use the CBD and it depends on your preferences. Some people
don’t like the taste of hemp, so they take CBD by using CBD gums or they add a few drops
to their food or drink with CBD dyes. If you are the type of person who likes the taste of
hemp, then CBD flowers are for you.

Why use CBD flowers?

The reason why you should use CBD flowers is that it is CBD in its purest form. It has not
been processed, diluted or extracted. You receive the CBD directly from the plant, without
any fillers to give it a different taste. CBD flowers are for people who enjoy the taste of
marijuana but do not necessarily enjoy the feeling it gives them because of the THC. CBD
flowers are not edible, but their smell, taste and appearance are the same as the marijuana
that gets you high.

CBD flowers are legal because they contain 0.03 THC or less, which is the European limit.
The use of CBD flowers is therefore a matter of preference, but there are different methods
to enjoy them.

Smoking CBD flowers

One option you have when using CBD flowers is the ability to smoke them as you would with
Marijuana or Tobacco products. You can roll it up yourself with rolling paper or add it to a
smoking device such as a pipe, bong or hookah. Unlike marijuana, smoking CBD flowers
does not produce the same throat irritation or coughing effect. When smoked, CBD flowers
produce a slight cannabis taste.
Because of the difference between marijuana and CBD flowers, they should not give you red
eyes or a cotton mouth. There is no nicotine in the CBD flowers, so they should not produce
the light-headed sensation that a tobacco cigarette would produce. You don’t get high, so
when you use them you shouldn’t feel hungry unless you were hungry before smoking CBD

Cooking with CBD flowers

A popular way to consume potent CBD vape juice is to bake and cook them. The thing to consider

when cooking with any form of CBD, whether in the form of oil or flowers, is the temperature.

The right temperature can vary between 320° and 350° Fahrenheit. When cooking with CBD

flowers you have to make sure that you do not burn the CBD flower or use a high

temperature, otherwise you will burn the CBD and you will only have cooked hemp.

Dishes to prepare

The most popular items to make from CBD flowers are: CBD infused brownies, CBD infused

butter, CBD infused oils, CBD infused cookies, CBD infused dressings, etc.

Pro Tip: To infuse CBD flowers with oil or butter, you will need to grind them with a herb mill

and place them in a pot or lined baking pan. Cook the CBD flowers for 60 to 90 minutes at

245° Fahrenheit. Once cooked, add them to a saucepan over low heat and add your favorite

butter or oil and cook for about 30 minutes. Once brewed, place in a colander and discard

the leftovers and keep the oil or butter.

Your preferences

The choice to use CBD flowers depends on your preference. All our Savage CBD products

are excellent, but some people prefer a more natural and healthy feeling, that’s why we have

created our range of CBD flower products. We currently offer our Richie Rich variety, which

comes in a pre-rolled form, so you don’t have to roll the CBD flower yourself or and we offer

3 different quantities, including 1 gram, ⅛ and our ¼.

Thank you for reading us! Feel free to visit us in the CBD store of Hemplr CBD to find our

flowers, CBD resins, and Oils, quality, at unbeatable prices!


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