You Season 3 Review: A Wonderful Netflix Series

You Season 3 is a Netflix original series that follows Joe, an obsessive and dangerous man who seduces and forces himself into the lives of the women with whom he has grown obsessed. His methods seem to have worked on the show’s viewers as well, since the show’s first two seasons have been very successful, leading to a fast renewal for a third season, which fans may expect to see soon.

You Season 3

As a result of the many twists and turns that occurred in season two, here is everything you need to know about You Season 3.

Where did the You Season 3 leave off?

Caroline Kepnes’ “You” book series was adapted to the first two seasons. In Part 1, audiences of the attractive library manager Joe and the ambitious writer Beck were introduced (Elizabeth Lail). He soon developed his love for it into addiction and managed to keep track of her everyday life by watching social media and snooping on people.

Dating Beck, he gets rid of everything and someone in his way during the season, leaving a trail of blood behind him. When Beck finds out about his strong urges, he murders her – it’s for her good that he determines.

You Season 3

Part 2, when Joe assumes a new identity and moves from NYC to Los Angeles to escape from his history, takes on a completely different spin. Although he tries to lie down, he loves Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), an ambitious cook who works with him at a superb food shop. True to Joe, it kills more people all year round, but Love shows that it’s just as killing as he is when he eventually finds it out. Joe found his ideal Love match – but he’s less fond of it.

The season closes with them in a groomed suburban neighborhood, Joe seems sad and looks at the lady who lives nearby. This last moment provided a clear indication of who Joe might be next.

What Exactly is the Storyline of You Season 3?

An official description for the next You season 3 of Joe and Love states that the couple will be married and parenting their kid, Henry, when the season premieres. The family is now residing in the northern California neighborhood of Madre Linda, where they are encircled by “privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgemental mommy bloggers, and Insta-famous biohackers”. All of them traditionalist Joe despises them as much as their children.

You Season 3

Amid his attempts to stay devoted to his new roles as a husband and parent, Joe finds himself more imprisoned by Love. He is concerned about her impulsive behavior and how well she knows him, and he is growing more attracted to the lady who lives next door to him.

According to Variety, the third book in Kepnes’s series, titled You Love Me, will be released in April 2021, after the program’s authors plotted out the plot of the show. According to reports, the book follows Joe as he begins a new work at a library after having fully moved on from his relationship with Love.

In his new job, he gets obsessed with one of his colleagues, a librarian and single mother, Mary Kay, who happens to be his boss. It is still unknown how precisely the season will reflect the storyline of the book.

Who will be the stars of You Season 3?

Deadline adds that, in addition to Badgley and Pedretti, the cast will include Saffron Burrows as Love’s mother, Dottie Quinn, and Michaela McManus as Natalie, Joe’s next-door neighbor who has been the focus of Joe’s increasing infatuation, among other newcomers. Both actors had short cameos in Season 2 of the show, and you’ve to watch You Season 3 to know more about it.

You Season 3

Tati Gabrielle will play Marianne, Dylan Arnold will play Theo, Shalita Grant will play Sherry, Travis Van Winkle will play Cary, Scott Speedman will play Matthew, Shannon Chan-Kent will play Kiki, Ben Mehl will play Dante, Chris O’Shea will play Andrew, and Christopher Sean will play Brandon in Netflix You Season 3.

Is there a trailer for You Season 3?

Although the season 3 launch date has not yet been announced, Netflix published a brief teaser film on August 30th, revealing the date. While he bakes and ices an immaculate white cake, Joe thinks about what to name his unborn kid, which is captured in a collection of video footage. He finally decides on Henry as his favorite.

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