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Wendy Williams tests Positive for Covid-19. Is It True?



Wendy Williams or Wendy Joans Williams was born on July 18, in the year 1964. She is an American journalist, media figure, entrepreneur, and screenwriter best known for her work on the Today show. Wendy Williams has been the anchor of the broadcast talk show program The Wendy Williams Show since 2008.  Williams was also designated as a National Radio Hall of Fame for his contributions to broadcasting in 2019.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams had her Broadway début in the character of Matron “Mama” in the musical Chicago in the year 2013. She is mainly remembered as the presenter of her show The Wendy Williams Show, which she has hosted since 2005. Wendy Williams has appeared onVH1’s The Wendy Williams Story and Dancing with the Stars, among other shows.

When it comes to her private life, she’s been coyer about certain topics than the others. Wendy Williams has never been hesitant about discussing the highs and lows of it along with her audience.

Here are some interesting facts about Williams that readers may not have known:

  1. Wendy was blessed with a six finger 

    Wendy Williams was blessed with a six finger on the left hand, which she has now learned to use. Although Williams sometimes flaunts the small bump that is left behind from her once-extraneous finger, she laments its removal too soon and the removal of what might have been an additional flair to her trademark welcoming and hand flip. William has two daughters, and she cherishes them the most.

  2. She achieved a swimming scholarship to attend college.

    Despite the fact that fans are acquainted with the host’s memories of her weight problems, Williams was sporty enough as a teenager to participate on the Ocean Township High School crew team. According to Wendy’s book Wendy’s Got the Heat, she made a real effort in part so that she would be more appealing to colleges when she applied for admittance in the future. 

    At the end of the day, Williams realized that she had no intention of supporting her education in college. That’s why she turned down the scholarships and enrolled at Northeastern University instead.

  3. She had a chance encounter with pioneering legislator Shirley Chisholm when she was a kid.

    During Williams’ childhood, her mother was the president of a local branch of a national women’s trade association, which hosted a banquet where the Brooklyn congresswoman spoke in 1970. Following that, when the company met for lunchtime at the Williams’ New Jersey home, it changes her a lot. A six-year-old Williams tried to join the adult conversation in the kitchenette. She opened open the dishwashing and breaks the lid as she sat down. On the other hand, Shirley Chisholm demonstrated why she really was a powerful figure even in an unfamiliar environment, as she assured a devastated Williams that she had done absolutely nothing wrong.

 4. Wendy Williams has tested positive for the Covid-19 infection?

It is true that Wendy Williams, the renowned morning talk show presenter and radio veteran, has come back positive for a groundbreaking case of COVID-19. According to reports of Variety, Williams’ condition, regardless of the fact that she has been completely immunized, will now cause the autumn debut of season 13 to be delayed. Season 13 was previously scheduled to debut the week after next. As a result, to comply with COVID safety standards and provide the morning Emmy-nominated host with the time to properly isolate and recuperate, the latest season will now premiere on October 4, rather than September 4. This is explained in a message issued on the show’s Instagram Handle.

According to the message, Wendy is struggling with some continuing health problems, which said that she was seeking additional examination. She would not be able to finish her marketing duties next week, and however, she simply can not wait to be returning in her hosting chair on the 20th of September for the opening of the thirteenth season, says the actress.


As soon as she survives from covid 19, Wendy will begin work on her new shows. She will be creating and supervising producing a biography and a narrative for Lifetime Television. Her show will concentrate on her initial days on city radio.  It will also show the popularity of her own national chat show, as well as her life after covid 19.


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