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Top 5 FPS Counting Software You Should Know About

Fraps, Geforce Experience, FPS Monitor, MSI Afterburner, and DXtory are some of the best FPS counter software for Windows.



With the advancement in technology, the need for better graphics in high-definition results has increased. Today, we have games and movies available in high-definition 4K resolutions that support frame rates of up to 60. FPS is an acronym for frames per second. It is a reference to the number of images that a display can show in a second. The higher the frame rate, the better will be the display quality. By subscribing to good internet deals like Spectrum deals, you can watch movies and play games that come with higher frame rates.

Good frame rates in games or movies allow for a better visual experience. They also reduce the pressure on one’s eyes and present more details. If you want to know how many frames per second are running in a game or movie, then you can use FPS counting software. In the following passages, you will come across some of the best FPS counter tools and software.


Fraps is one of the most famous FPS counting software. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows (all versions) and can run games that use DirectX. You can select any of the four screen sides to place the counter for FPS. It is a good software that can save the stats for later referencing as well. By using the keyboard shortcut, you can also take screenshots. The software also allows users to capture videos and record live gameplays.

FPS Monitor

Another popular software that provides real-time frame rate information, CPU, GPU, and RAM statistics. You can also change the appearance of the dialogue box that shows these details. You can also limit the type of stats that the dialogue box displays. The software can save the frame rate and other stats so that you can analyze them afterward. If you have been looking forward to overclocking your system’s GPU, then this software can be of help. It can overclock your GPU without raising its temperature.

MSI Afterburner

This software comes with the capabilities to count the frame rate per second and overclock the graphics card as well. The key benefit of the software is that it is available for free. You can display the FPS at any side of the screen along with the other performance indicators. The software comes with many customization options related to color schemes and appearance. 

GeForce Experience

This software is ideal if you have a graphics card from the same company as well. It is a complete program that will allow you to manage your system’s graphics card. You can enable the FPS display by going to the settings and looking for the “shadow play references” tab. Press the FPS counter button and choose the screen position to display the FPS. The software is a comprehensive tool for capturing your gameplay videos and images.


This application is a program for counting frames per second. It also allows users to take screenshots and record videos while playing. It is very much like Fraps. You can use this software on DirectX games as well as the games that use open GL. DirectDraw and Vulkan are APIs that the software supports. The software is compatible with Windows (all versions). Do note that the software gives permission to place the frames per second counter on your desired location. However, you can change the color of the font. The frame rate is present on the top left side of the screen as a default setting. You can also get access to the premium feature to remove their logo visible on your screen at all times. Furthermore, every time you quit the application; a license purchase site will open up. If you buy the premium version, then this will not happen.

These are the best software for the purpose of counting the FPS of your game or movie. Make sure to install the one that is most suited to your diverse needs.

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