The Maldives’ Top 13 Stuff

The Maldives are a group of 1200 islands situated in the Indian Ocean and can only be named “Earth paradise.” The predominantly Muslim country has a tourist niche for itself and must-visit if you enjoy sun-kissed beaches, idyllic weather, and all that goes with them, visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. But the Maldives has more than just the ideal beaches in its image.\

Here are ten things to do when you are on tour

  1. Fall in Love With The Strands

Maldives beaches are popular for their beauty all over the world. You will not notice a dearth of the many picturesque and absolutely jaw-dropping beaches you will visit during your time on the beach with your loved ones. Promising utmost peace and relaxation, every beach you pledge in look and feel will be better than the previous one.

  1. Take a dive!

It’s like visiting Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower and not going diving. World-renowned for its powerful underwater beauty, it is key to search in the colorful corals and reef gardens around the islands. There are a number of highly trained and accredited scuba diving centers that are more than happy to take you to some of the country’s best diving sites consisting of cellars, canals, drop-offs, and various marine life.

  1. Try to snorkel.

You should try snorkeling along with the low reef gardens that dot most of the country’s islands if you go down to heights of 50 meters and down. Many resorts even have water bungalows that take you to the stunning blue-green ocean and coral gardens.

  1. The Fishing Enjoyable Experience

Discover the pleasant custom of a fishing pole and line with local residents. In the region, even for commercial purposes, net fishing is prohibited. Many resorts also offer fishing safaris that allow you to fish for your heart. Night fishing is also a common practice, in which you can jump on fishing boats stopping out of the atolls to pounce on sleepless trout.

  1. Windsurfing Catch Any Waves

The Maldives hosted the 2014 Asian Surf Championships, where surfers from all over the world became a hot spot. You can take some big ones in front of the reefs, with the best current, in addition to managing the waves of ready-made surfing vents and dots; they all have the required instructors’ support and protection, of course. Windsurfing is another way while surf safaris in the resorts are also very popular.

  1. Go on a holiday to an island

Hopping in the islands is one thing you will never tire of in the Maldives, which has over 1200 islands to discover. You can take local boats to habitable islands where you can see the centuries-old Maldivian rituals and customs that remain up to now. Do you feel a little adventurous? Take a ride to an unexpected island, get off the coast in the morning, and get caught in the dusk; we tell you a real Robinson Crusoe experience.

  1. Enjoy an experience in a spa.

Most, if not all, Maldives resorts house international spas with world-class amenities and facilities. Certain resorts also offer in-room spa facilities while others offer glass-top services that allow you to watch the fish swim around you as you relax. The best spas in the country include Cenvaree Spa in the Maldives Centara Ras Fushi Resort, Six Senses Spa Laamu, Banyan Tree’s Vabbinfaru Luxury Spa, ESPA in Reethi Rah, Jiva Grande in Taj Exotica, and Huvafen Fushi underwater spa.

  1. Dine-in a restaurant underwater

Don’t miss the opportunity to dine in Conrad Rangali Island Resort’s first-ever underwater restaurant in the world. Book in advance because the restaurant can only handle 14 people at one time and is nearly always open.

  1. Choose Safari for a marine life

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore some spectacular marine life in form of spinning dolphins and whale sharks. Especially spinner dolphins like to show up by strolling around your boat. Care to take your joysticks along.

  1. Swimming with sharks

In 2010 the Maldives banded shark fishing, which made the country a refuge of a kind. You will go deeper into the sea and dive next to the grey hammerheads and coral sharks. You will be brought by local instructors to locations where these sharks gather to eat rolling numbers of small fish. Keep your food simple, so that you don’t want to be wrong about food too.

  1. Go on this sunset cruise village

No better way than on a sunset cruise is to go on a romantic voyage with your beloved one. These cruises typically involve a candle-light dinner on a nearby island with a stunning view of the underlying sun, something that you do not skip while honeymooning.

  1. Seaplanes to explore the country

Consider exploring around the country on seaplanes if you don’t like boats. A seaplane cruise will take you across the whole Maldivian archipelago as you cross between helicopters and aircraft, giving you a wonderful view over the islands. You can schedule daily stops according to your order.

  1. Capital Stop For One Day


You do not want to forget, of course, Male, the capital of the Maldives, which lies on the island. The 16th-century Old-Friday Mosque, the national museum, and the fishing market are all attractions that need to be visited on this island. Since this is the capital you visit, you would like to dress a little conservatively to prevent the municipalities from offending.

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