Servicing Your Shotgun Properly for Longer Life

The maintenance of a Shotgun weapon is very much essential for the longer life expectancy—thus, taking in the consideration, the procedure for the maintenance should be proper and thorough. In order to do that, using the professional shotgun cleaning kit and some of the main skills will help in the cause. The weapons for best operativity require cleaning, lubrication and an overall service. Here, we have explained the certain tips that are required for the optimal condition.

Step-by-Step Guide to Maintain Your Shotgun

The data is being concluded from the expert marksman, looking into what routine they have in order to keep their arms in sharp condition. The steps are written as;

Emptying all the Shells

The removal of already present bullets in the barrel can be dangerous during the cleaning process—thus, to make sure no one gets hurt when you uptake the process of cleaning, check the tube and empty them if you spot any ammunition. The given steps are;

Safety First: Don’t Point the Gun towards Anyone

In the prior to the cleaning process, make sure you remove all the ammo from the shells—now, while doing that, take a realization that no one is in front of the gun cannily. The thing that helps one to understand this factor is; this sort of negligence has already hurt their own alliance. First of all, it is recommended that you should be alone, and if you are not, then at least don’t to point the weapon away while emptying the shell. The process is different depending on the model;

Pump-Action Shotgun

There is accommodation of only one shell in the magazine tube for the pump action. As the model have only one barrel, press the bolt release and pull back the barrel. Now, check again and make sure no shell is in the pump action shotgun. If you have witnessed the shell again, then repeat the process until the shell is emptied completely.

Auto Loading Shotgun

The mechanism of the auto loading shotgun is designed to perceive the shells after the shots. Pull back and then release the bolt grip, hold until it empties the shells accordingly. Before the dismantle of auto loading gun and even you have emptied all the shells, make sure to double or triple check the barrel. It could be storing multiple shells and some might be left, ensure there is no one.

Break Action Shotgun

This sort of shotgun can only space for one shell at a time. In the double barrel model of break action shotgun, there is accommodation for two shells at the same time. Consider the removal for shells in the both barrels accordingly.

Cleaning the Gun

Now, getting to the main concern of maintenance—once you have emptied all the shells. The steps are given as;

Removing the Barrel

In order to disengage the barrel, twist off the cap for the pump action. Most of the times, the part is usually stuck, if it is; slide the pump action down, then disengage the breach.

Cleaning the Parts

The process of cleaning is the main element of maintaining the weapon. After the dismantle, removing the shells and barrels, remove any carbon build-up, any residue left and old oil on the parts of the weapon. Also, eliminate any dirt, debris and grime deposits for the best outcome.

Using the Shotgun Cleaning Kit

In order to clean the gun efficiently, one need to use the right shotgun cleaning kit. The better the cleaner is, better will be the performance of the gun.

Wiping with the Solvent

Some of the dirt and debris are stubborn—they usually don’t come out with the ordinary cleaning. Wipe the parts of the gun with the solvent, this might breakdown the dirt and other sort of build up, then clean again.

Letting the Part Dry

Once you have cleaned the parts, let them dry properly, then move on to the next step.

Lubricating the Gun

Lubricating the gun is sincerely important for the performance. While lubrication keep in mind to sooth the moving parts first. This will increase the accuracy and potential of the shotgun. To maintain the routine, make sure to lubricate twice a month.

Putting back the Parts

Once you have cleaned and lubricated all the parts, now it is time to reassemble the weapon. You need to put back the parts in the same reverse you had dismantled. Store the weapon in cool and dry places.

Why your Gun Needs Cleaning?

Most of the new gun owners don’t take the consideration of cleaning or maintaining the shotgun, as they think of their weapon as new. As on the contrary side, the weapon, new or old, must be maintained for better functioning. Following factors are adheringly common;

Malfunctioning of Weapon

Whenever a weapon is fired, the movable parts catches residue from the burnt gun powder. When the gun is not cleaned properly, the residue keeps storing. The residue builds up in the gun makes the gun to lose its functionality. Usually the trigger stops working, gets stuck and sometimes the muzzle receive some bracket. Likewise, the shooter faces difficulty while loading and firing. Any of the best shotgun cleaning kit will help in maintaining the gun properly.

Unreliability in Aim

When a gun is not maintained, the functional parts catches blockages, clogging due to residue and dirt. these causes the problem in the aiming of the weapon. the firing accuracy of the shotgun gets disturbed. In the armed force, so many of the guns are disregarded just because they acquired unreliability in aiming. In order to keep this culprit away, keep the gun maintained.


The cleaning of the weapon is the most important part to sustain the longer life expectancy. The process should be thorough and consist of; removing the shells, dismantling the parts, cleaning the parts, wiping with the solvent, drying up the parts, lubricating the moveable parts thoroughly, and reassembling the weapon. for the better performance and results, any of the best shotgun cleaning kit should be used. read more