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Some Common QuickBooks Desktop Sync Error



Step by step instructions to investigate and fix normal errors with Quickbooks Desktop sync. At times, particularly when first setting up and adjusting with shopVOX; you will run into some issues that don’t exactly work with Quickbooks. This can likewise happen when you make another Product or add another material to a current Product. When you have these settled, you shouldn’t see errors of a similar kind later on.

In this Article you’ll get to know:

*Status Code: 3140

*Status Code: 3120

*Error QBWC 1039

*Error Code 3060

StatusCode: 3140 

There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Sales Rep “RM” in the Invoice. QuickBooks error message: Invalid contention. The predetermined record doesn’t exist in the rundown.

This error implies you have a Sales Rep in shopVOX however you have not made a Sales Rep in QB Desktop.

Instructions to fix this issue 

Stage 1. Go to Quickbooks, add the representative, on the off chance that they are not added at this point here.

Stage 2. At that point go to the Lists > Sales Rep rundown and add the Sales Rep here.

Stage 3. Ensure the Initials Match with the initials of this Sales Rep in shopVOX.

Stage 4. Presently re-sync the Invoices to QB from shopVOX.

You may also learn about QuickBooks Online login.

StatusCode: 3120 

This means this specific receipt after it was adjusted to QB from shopVOX has been erased from QB.

Step by step instructions to fix this issue 

Open Quickbooks and verify whether this receipt exists in QB.


Receipt exists in QuickBooks? 

In the activities menu of the Invoice, click, Mark as Un-Posted. This will clear the id that was set to this Invoice alluding to the QB Invoice reference number given by QB.

At that point click the activity, Mark as Posted.


Invoice doesn’t exist in QuickBooks? 

In the activities menu of the Invoice, click, Mark as Un-Posted.This will clear the id that was set to this Invoice alluding to the QB Invoice reference number given by QB.

At that point follow the standard sync interaction to QB.

Error QBWC 1039: There was an issue adding the application

At the point when you attempt to reconnect the organization record to an outsider application or to Warehouse Manager utilizing the QuickBooks Web Connector, you see this message:

Error QBWC1039: There was an issue adding the application. Check the QBWCLog.txt for subtleties.

followed by: Error Unique document ID required.

Why this is occurring 

This error could be brought about by both of 2 things:

The organization record has been moved from its unique area.

The outsider application or Warehouse Manager was erroneously taken out from the QuickBooks Web Connector.

Step by step instructions to fix it 

Reinstall the .qwc record to Web Connector

Download the QBWC CP3Tool. (Note:This download requires Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, or Firefox programs.)

Double tap the QBWC_CP3Tool_Installer.exe record to introduce the instrument.

After the establishment finishes, select Launch the QBWC CP3Tool.

Now minimise. 

On the off chance that you haven’t done so as of now, download the .qwc document for your application: If you are utilizing Warehouse Management, you can discover the .qwc record by tapping the Settings Icon/Maintenance alternative. On the off chance that you are uncertain how to get the .qwc record for another application, contact your outsider seller for more data.

Open QuickBooks and select the organization record you are experiencing difficulty with.

Make a reinforcement duplicate of this organization document. (The instrument requests that you do this, so it is simpler to do it first.)

Bring the QBWC CP3 Tool back up on the screen by clicking it in the Taskbar.

Snap Select File and find the .qwc document.

Snap Remove Stamp.

At the point when the Application Certificate shows up, select the third choice, Yes, at whatever point this QuickBooks organization document is open, and afterward click Continue.

In the Application Access Request window click Yes.

On the entrance affirmation message, click Done.

Snap OK on the message requesting that you make a reinforcement, since you previously did this in point 7.

The QBWC CP3 Tool will show an affirmation message if the proprietor ID was effectively eliminated.

Close the QBWC CP3 Tool. 

Introduce the .qwc record to the Web Connector: Open Web Connector and snap Add Application.Go to the.qwc document for your outsider application and open it. Enter your outsider secret word in the Web Connector, and snap Yes on the message to save the secret word.

The Web Connector is currently prepared to adjust.

Error Code 3060 

StatusCode: 3060; There was an error while changing over the amount “1.0” in the field “thing amount”. QuickBooks error message: You can’t set the amount for things of this kind.

In the event that you add a Discount item to your record, so you can show Discounts as a different detail, you may experience this error.

The most effective method to Resolve This Error

Open up your Quickbooks account

Discover your Items List

Discover the “Rebate” thing

Change the Item Type from “Markdown” to “Non-stock” or “Administration”

Take a stab at synchronizing again from shopVOX




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