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Why Should Indians Not Visit Non-Professional Doctors



India has the second-largest population in the world. Out of this, fifty percent of people self-medicate instead of going to a doctor until their health issue worsens. In India, earning a living is more crucial than maintaining proper health for most people. One of the main reasons behind this situation is poor quality care provided in hospitals. People have witnessed many cases where patients suffering from treatable health conditions have died due to poor care quality by many non-professional doctors. Around 2.4. million Indians die of treatable conditions every year, which is the worst situation among the 136 nations.

They believe in more in-home remedies taught by their elder rather than the prescription given by a doctor. People tend to follow their intuition than trusting years of medical experience of doctors. Over-the-counter medicines like Crocin and Combiflam are the ultimate solution for most of their health problems.

Should You Rely on Non-Professional Doctors?

Non-professional doctors are those so-called doctors who do not have any professional MBBS degree. They prescribe medicines made of natural things. According to them, every health issue can be treated with natural substances or ayurvedic medicines made by them. No doubt, nature is the mother of earth, and it has a lot of powerful substances that heal a lot of medical problems. But it does not guarantee the recovery of the patient, as no proper procedures are followed.

The treatment that non-professional doctors provide is mostly learned by their parents and this knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. The treatments may have been effective in the olden days. But in today’s era, where the medical field has tremendously grown in all aspects, they are of no use; they just influence people in rural areas to take these medicines.

People in rural areas believe in non-professional doctors. This is because of the rare availability of medical health care in such remote parts of the country. A report says there is one doctor for every 921 people in India. Around eighty percent of India’s population doesn’t have medical insurance. Even though the medical field has invented a cure for most of the diseases, they don’t reach the common people either because of unavailability or unaffordable cost of the treatment.

Reasons to Visit a Professional Doctor

Here are a few reasons why you should consult professional doctors for medical issues.

1. Good Knowledge and Training in Their Field

Professional doctors have to go through at least five years of educational courses to earn an MBBS degree. In those five years, they are taught and trained to handle all the medical issues. They have gained their knowledge by studying all the past health-related issues and hence they can understand your condition better.

It is always better to consult a good doctor than believing in local non-professional practitioners who don’t have any deep knowledge. They suggest medicines according to their intuition and no proper procedure is followed for treatment.

  1. Experience

Professional doctors have experience of many years, from which they learn about more practical issues of human bodies. With this vast knowledge and experience, it is the least possible for them to treat you incorrectly or prescribe the wrong medicine. Before understanding the problem, a lot of tests are performed, and no treatment is started before getting the test results.

  1. Fast and Effective Treatment

Medicines prescribed by professional doctors give you good results more quickly, which help you overcome your sufferings much earlier. Although medical tablets are made of chemical drugs, you are prescribed to take those medicines when it is of utmost need.

  1. Guaranteed Results

The medicine that doctors prescribe is for particular issues of the body, which can ensure guaranteed results. Many non-professional doctors have a bunch of medicines that they give for all your health problems. Sometimes, they work, and sometimes they do not. But professional doctors give you guaranteed results.

Avoid visiting non-professional doctors even for minor health problems. Those problems can increase with the wrong treatment. A highly qualified doctor can help you with the right treatment. If there is no good doctor in your area, you can book doctor’s appointment online. Online consultations are much easier these days. You can explain your health issues to the doctor virtually and avail the right treatment.

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