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Is Someone Blackmailing You? What to Do Next?




If someone is calling you over and again on the phone and threateningto reveal your secret to the world or using social media to anonymously post objectionable things about you or emailing frequently and detailing something that feels bad to you, it’s blackmailing.

Blackmailing is often done with the purpose to harm someone’s reputation, or extort money in lieu of holding back some uncomfortable truth, or seeking monetary benefits in exchange of not revealing your dirty secrets. No matter in which form blackmailing comes, you needn’t feel bothered beyond a point when you can handle it easily.

You can always take help of one of top sleuths of India and let a team of detectives crack your case successfully. And even if don’t want to take help of the police that early and rather want to involve a detective agency in Delhi, it seems you’re ready to fight it out valiantly for sure.

Here are some of steps you can take when someone is blackmailing you

in any manner –

Don’t ever cave in to demand of the blackmailer

When you’re being blackmailed, it means someone is trying to take

advantage of your situation. The person may have some secrets which

they can reveal and it may harm your reputation. But this should never​

worry you beyond a point and it would always be a huge mistake to

surrender to the demands of the blackmailer. Even if you think there is

some harm should that person makes your secrets known to the world,

this should not concern you much and the good strategy in such cases

is to be ready to fight out the situation with confidence.

Inform the family or friends about the matter

If someone tries to blackmail you and corner you over some matter,

make sure you’re not going to keep it a secret to yourself. This can only

compound your troubles and may lead to depression. The right strategy

is always to involve the family or friends and make them aware about

the whole scenario. Even if you done some wrong which the

blackmailer is trying to take advantage of, you should never take it a solo batter and rather involve more people close to you. This can ease some of your worries and when more people know your situation,chances are someone from them might prove some help as well.

Take help of a detective agency

If you’re hesitant to involve police that early in your effort to nab the blackmailer, it’s always better to turn to a detective in Delhi and seek professional help. The police are there but if you think that matter is not that grave and you can handle it all by yourself, hiring a detectivebcan always be a good step in the right direction. With expert sleuths working on your case, you’d not feel scared or isolated anymore and this will also increase chances of success with your case.​

Use evidence for deciding the next course of action When you have a top detective agency in Delhi working on your case,you should be sure that the blackmailer or their identity would be known to you. There will be solid evidence to corroborate your doubts and this can always help nab the offender. And when you have the evidence at hand, and after carefully considering the gravity of the matter and the crime, you can easily decide what your next step should be.

Report the matter to the police

When you have solid evidence due to the efforts of best detective agency in Delhi, you should never day approaching the police to catch the offending blackmailer. Since you have suffered a lot of mental agony, the culprit deserves punishment for their act and their attemptt o harm your reputation. In fact, you can also involve the police and that would spare the need to hire best detective agency in Delhi. The decision would entirely be yours since you would better understand the nature and gravity of the crime at hand.


You should never let a blackmailer go off the hook and with a timely help from a detective agency in Delhi there will always be solid evidence to catch the culprit and bring them to book.


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