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Important Steps Involved in A Water or Flood Restoration Service

The water damage can be catastrophic and it is hoped that no one ever has to see their home in a poor state. A house is built over years after long planning and needs huge sums of money to fuel the construction and water damage can just leave the owners in shock for days. However, if the house is insured there’s always a chance to restore it to the former glory. The process is going to be painful because you have to start with the insurance claim and they will verify if your claim is valid and a water removal will take considerable time before you can re-enter your home. Most of the time the restoration companies follow the plan of action given below.

Cutting off power

The power must be cut off to ensure a safe entry into the house. If you act in time, then the restoration companies will have to enter your home while water is still present in your home. Since water is a good conductor of electricity the risk of electric shock is huge that’s why the power much is cut off before the start of work. You might have to guide the flood removal team because only you can tell them how to quickly access the power switches quickly. The process of cutting off power needs to be very fast to reduce the risk of damage.

Damage assessment

The next phase in the line is the damage assessment and you probably need to work with the insurance company on this one. If your house is insured, then it is important to first determine how much damage is inflicted by the flood on the house. This is an important phase because this is how you are going to finance the restoration work at your home. The floodwater cleanup isn’t simply because insurance companies look at various facts before they can release the funds for restoration. Sometimes the insurance money doesn’t cover up all the damages and you need to partially pay for it yourself. So, talk to the experts before claiming the insurance.

Removal of water from premises and drying up

Once the work starts the water removal takes precedence because the moisture has to be removed before different structures can be restored. The companies usually have huge water pumps to pull out the water from the house. When the water is out it is time to dry up the premises thoroughly and for that, the restoration services use drying fans for hours. Moisture removal is necessary because it is the biggest threat to the structure itself. If the place isn’t dried well, then you can start experiencing excessive mold, or insect infestation, etc. The process might be frustrating but has to be done.

Applying repairs

Once your house is completely dried off, the next phase is the restoration of the house. This is where the companies spend most of their time because dealing with damaged structures isn’t an easy task. A lot of things break and the wood structure is usually in a bad state. This is why the hired company must be insured itself because they can inflict unintended damage during work. The insurance money can easily cover up such complicated situations. In this phase, the walls, flooring, or roof, and any major structure are put back in their original state. Once this phase is over, it can be said most of the work is done. You must be ready to inspect the house because once the restoration company finishes its job you have to give it a green signal. 

Recovering your stuff

This is probably the most problematic phase because once the water hits your home, it can’t be said what can be recovered and what’s not. It mainly depends on the type of water that hit you, for example, if you get hit by a regular water stream which is clean water most of your stuff can be recovered easily. If it was the grey water, then the probability of recovering reduces a few points. The worst kind of water is black water which is heavily contaminated and damages most of your stuff. So, you are lucky if it is clean water but you must be ready to find yourself in a tough situation where you need to say goodbye to some of your stuff.

Flood or  isn’t an easy job because a lot of people are emotionally involved in the process. Still, the work never stops and you have to move forward, and homeowners should look at the brighter side that a house can be restored. It might take some time and effort but it can be done. You can do your part to speed up the process and help out the restoration crew when they require your assistance. 

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