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How to Stop Aggressive Behavior in Dogs?



The first thing that clicks to mind when someone says their dog is aggressive is the dog bites. But this is not enough, the aggressive behavior in dogs in dogs can be of different forms and some dogs do not even show their aggression. Aggression in dogs is a symptom of serious behavioral problems in dogs. 

When your dog continuously barks on other dogs or even on strangers, growls, or tries to bite then it is time for you to seek professional help. Before that, it is necessary to understand what is the actual cause of this aggression. 

Aggressive behavior in dogs is something you cannot neglect and finding a way to overcome it is very important. But how do you know even if your dog is aggressive or not? Some common symptoms that will help you understand if your dog is aggressive are:

  • Growling
  • Stiff Body Posture
  • Snarling
  • Ears Pinned Back
  • Biting 

If your dog does any of this, then you need to find out what is the cause of this aggressive behavior in your pet. Besides, it is also important to find the best solution to stop this aggressive behavior. Most people try to trap their dogs in cages or dog crates when they observe this behavior. 

Doing this makes the situation worse because dog crates are not for this purpose, it is for when you are traveling. Do not use the crate for punishment, but if you are looking for a dog crate for training your dog then the source link will help you get a perfect one according to your dog’s requirement. 

Before finding the right solution to stop aggression in dogs let’s understand the types of aggressive behaviors in dogs. 

Types of Dog Aggression 

Some common aggressions in dogs are:

  • Possessive Aggression

Possessive aggression is very common in dogs because they get attached to their thing quickly and do not like losing their favorite items. The favorite items can be toys, beds, or even food. When they see other pets or even a person approaching it, they become aggressive. 

  • Defensive Aggression 

It is a natural habit in dogs that they start barking when they observe any danger around their surroundings. To secure themselves they show aggression towards anything that is haunting or seems new to the dogs. 

  • Social Aggression

Some dogs feel unsafe when they socially interact with other pets or with people. They become annoyed and the reaction is their aggression. 

  • Pain Aggression

Dogs are good at hiding their pain but if this limit exceeds then the reaction will be in the form of aggression. If something is constantly bothering the dogs then they show it through growling or barking. It is the responsibility of the owners to help the dog get relief from pain.

How to Stop Aggression

Some tips that can help you stop aggressive behavior in your dog are:

  • See a Veterinary 

The first and the most important thing that helps is to take your dog to the veterinarian. A complete check-up and a proper examination will help you overcome this issue. If your dog is suffering from any internal issue then a vet will let you know and provide the best solution to the problem.

  • Hire a Professional

As aggression is a behavioral problem, seeking help from a professional will be a great idea. He will provide proper training to your dog and improve his behavior. Dog training plays a prominent role to improve your dog’s behavior. 

  • Do not Punish your Dog 

Punishing your dog will never prove to be a good idea. It can make the situation worse and your dog will refuse to obey your commands. Punishment is not a solution to stop aggression in dogs. Being a dog owner, you need to stay calm and understand what is the issue with your dog. Try to understand it and avoid punishing. 

  • Be Kind and Patient 

Although mentioned above are some of the tips that can help a dog improve his behavior. But as a dog parent, your role is to understand your dog and help him in every way possible. Stay calm and have patience because it will take some time to learn.

Changing your dog’s behavior requires a lot of effort and time. So, you must stay supportive to make your dog make this new behavior change. 


The aggressive behavior in dogs is a common thing that can be seen in few dogs. It is a sign of something severe in dogs as aggression means there is something wrong with your dog’s behavior. Mentioned above tips and ways will help you understand the actual cause of this aggression and how to overcome it. Stick to those and help your dog make a positive change in his behavior.

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