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How To Prepare Mother’s Day Special Card



I know so many of you will think, what is this. We are kids that will prepare cards by ourselves.  Even now, kids also prefer to buy cards instead of making them themselves. But let me tell you, for your mom or anyone else, your efforts matter not the card. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and expensive a card you will buy and give to your mom. But I can say this with my full assurance, that card will not match the level of uneven size card. I mean, the card you have made yourself only for your mom. So, many of you will say why cards. I can give so many different types of gifts.  Yes, of course, you can, but that will not be able to describe your emotions. But through cards, you can describe your emotion. From design to messaging inside it. Through everything, you can express your love, your feelings to your mom. So now, the question is how you can make a beautiful Mother’s Day card for your beautiful mom. So don’t worry, I am here to clear your doubts and tell you how you can make an amazing-looking card. So first we will have a look at materials, after that step and then rest. 


For making a delicious dish we need ingredients. Same, here we need materials to make a beautiful card. And yes, with the card you can send Mother’s Day flowers to India. I mean to say you can send flowers with the card. So you need, chart paper or scrapbook page, glue, colors (crayons, watercolor, pencil colors, etc) you can take anyone. Now, you need a pencil, sharpener, eraser, ruler, glitter pen, artificial flowers, or real flowers up to your choice. After that, glitter paper, pearls, and other decorating stuff, photos. Look here, you are free to use anything that makes your card look pretty. So use whatever stationery items you have or you can buy. There are many card-making decorating items, you can order online. 

Now let’s come to the procedure. So let’s get started. 

  • First, take a paper whatever you have chosen for your card. I would suggest light shade paper instead of dark shade. It is because whatever you will write will be clear on the paper. Now, cut the paper in whatever shape you want square, heart, circle, oval, or whatever else. So cut according to your need. 
  • Now, stick both sides, I mean two parts or whatever part you have cut with each other. Here you can use glue to stick papers together. If you want, you can use stationery tape also. 
  • Now, use the design you want to cover the pages. You are free to choose any kind of design. Here, you can show your creativity. I would suggest, don’t make so many designs. Otherwise, it may become messy. 
  • Now, fill in the color of your choice. You can use multiple types of colors. You are free, whatever colors you think will look best. Just go for it. Here it is just like, whatever flowers you found best. You just order. I mean, for the Mother’s Day flowers online delivery. The same thing, you can do here too. 
  • Now, if you have some good pictures, I would suggest please add in your card decoration. After that, you can use so many different types of stones, flowers, etc. You can use glitter paper. I mean, take glitter paper and cut it into multiple shapes and stick it over the card. Even, you can write “Happy Mother’s Day” with this paper. I mean, you can cut the paper in this shape. That will look fantastic.
  • Now, the last but most important part, message. Take a pen, and start writing whatever you want to say to your mom. You can write everything that you never said on your mom’s face. You can tell her how much you love them. Look, it will be your choice how long or short your message should. But I would suggest don’t keep it too long or too short. Just keep it medium, that will be better. And yes, to make your card more attractive. You can wrap it like a gift. 

So that’s it for today. I am sure, now those who always order cards online. They will also give a try to make themselves. I have told you before, but once again I am saying. Don’t forget to add a flower with it. It will increase the value of your most valuable card. If you want you can add a box of chocolates. So now, go and start making cards for your dearest mom.

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