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Wedding Anniversary in Quarantine: 5 Ways to Celebrate



How to celebrate the wedding anniversary in quarantine?

Quarantine is the word buzzing around on the TV, social media and has affected our lives like never before. This quarantine time is a blessing in disguise for those celebrating their wedding anniversary. 

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Wanting to go for a vacation or planning a lavish party on your wedding anniversary cake? Well, those are old ideas. Have a grand celebration but in your spouse’s arms. Cherish the peace and calmness and the joy of being with your loved ones. 

Here are some of the greatest ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary during quarantine. These would make your celebration even more special, cheerful and marvellous.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Wedding Anniversary in Quarantine:


  1. Write a love make glow your wedding anniversary in quarantine.

Write a letter to your loved ones that would bring back all the romantic tales that have been a part of your journey together. You can write a letter, but the catch here is that you would open this love letter the next year on your marriage anniversary. You can write your feelings that reside in your heart and slide them into a pink or red envelope.

Exchange these love letters and make sure that you open them after twelve months. When you read these love letters, you would come to know that your relationship has only grown stronger and better. With time you understand each other more. 

So pen down all the heartfelt messages that you want to convey to your loved ones.

2. Dance on the beats

No celebration is complete without some dance steps on the floor. What are you waiting for? You have the floor by yourself. You and your partner can groove on the beats of your favourite romantic music.

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Hold her hands and let yourself flow to the tune of the romance and love that ties you together. You can also have some YouTube dance lessons and prove the chemistry between you two. These would definitely help you take your camaraderie to new heights.

3. Watch wedding videos together.

Watching the wedding video together relieves all those moments that have made your journey so special. When you walked up to the podium in that white wedding gown with your bridesmaids. The single glance that you exchanged when you held her hand and received her on the podium.

These special glimpses would come to life when you watch your wedding video together. This would be a great chance to bring back all those sweet memories to life and have a glance at a beautiful journey together. 

Those happy, cheerful faces would come at your place to greet you once again “a very happy marriage anniversary.”

4. Candlelight dinner

Candlelight dinner in this quarantine time would be the perfect thing to do! You cannot invite your friends or family over. It’s just you and your partner, which is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

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You don’t need anyone else; you are all alone with your partner, ready to jingle up the ambience with romance and love. No one to disturb you both. So take the chance to indulge in a romantic candlelight dinner arranged by all yourself. Cook together some tantalizing dishes and with the home decorated with fresh roses, indulge in the neverending fervour of your love.

You can have some tea lights to light the ambience. All this can be a perfect way to host a candlelight dinner right at home. Hold hands together and promise for a long journey with you two drowned in each other eyes, you can have the perfect wedding anniversary celebration.

5. Renew vows

You promised each other on your wedding day that you will be together forever, for this life or the upcoming incarnations. You two are made for each other and have been blessed with the heavenly and divine bliss of happiness, joy and longevity. 

Renew all these vows that you took on your wedding day. Recall them again so that you will live up to them to the best of your potential. 

Order cake online in Pune and feel the same vibes of excitement and thrill as you felt on your wedding day. You and your spouse can immerse this everlasting warmth of love with some intimate time together.

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