Ask Your Boss to Continue Working from Home

After a year of working remotely, many have started liking the routine. However, now as the vaccination rates rise, businesses in the United States are heading towards a normal state of operations.

With this, many employers are certainly going to ask their employees to bring back their working routine into the office, at least part-time. But for the majority of employees having the opportunity to work fully remotely is something they are secretly desiring.

According to a survey conducted by the PwC, 75% of executives at the start 2021 had predicted that at least 50% of their staff will be working in the office by the start of July 2021. However, only 61% of the employees were in agreement with this prediction.

As we are heading towards a much more stable economy, healthy condition and overall living standards the employers and their demand for in-house work has also increased.

While 30% of the executives responded that employees should be in the office three days of the week, only 15% of executives agreed with two days of the week. This shows that your company might as well increase the days of working in the office as soon as your country’s health and economic state become completely normal.

Therefore, if you desire to have remote or hybrid working format continued then you need to do some preparation. Not only do you have to talk to your manager and bosses about your next plan but you need to get some preparations done as well.

Here are the following things that you need to do to make sure your desire to work from home is justifiable in front of your boss.

Get Your Plan Together

If you are aiming to work from home, you need to make sure you’re fully equipped to handle this working style.

After the coronavirus outbreak when companies had to take immediate action and sent their staff on work from home basis, the abrupt change caused a lot of trouble to the employees and employers. Employees had limited resources at their disposal. Not only did many remote working employees suffer from the unavailability of high-speed internet service and the right working tools, but the intersection of work and home life also caused troubles for many.

However, now as we have walked down to a much calmer state making an excuse of not having the right working essentials isn’t something you should keep in your mind.

If you want your manager to agree to your working terms then you too need to realize that he or she will review your work just how they used to review when performing in the office. Therefore, to make sure you are on your most productive side you need to get all the essentials by your side.

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State Your Case

If you want to get the most pleasing answer from your boss you need to come up with logic and facts.

This includes going back and reviewing your progress once you have started working from home and comparing it with how you performed in the office. Instead of just going by words in your statement, try using percentages and results to have a more significant impact on your boss.

You can use a statement like how much increase you found in client retention since you have started working from home to the decline of sick days you have consumed.

Make sure you are direct with your intentions and do not indulge your boss in unnecessary conversation or beat around the bush.

Lastly, Prepare for a Contradictory Answer

Last but not least you should always prepare yourself for contradictory responses from your boss. In this case, you need to mentally prepare and adjust to the working condition your boss demands.

If you do not do that you might end up losing your position in your company. Therefore, make sure you do not end up creating more troubles for yourself.