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9 Diet Tips All Runners Needs To Know



Runners are athletes who are in the practice of strenuous physical activity. A runner, in addition to physical training, also requires nutrition. Food is the source of nutrition and nourishment. Just like food, fluids are also essential to maintain hydration levels in the body. It is crucial for runners to know what diet, and nutritional sources work best for them. The human body is constantly functioning to replenish, regrow and repair. For such revitalizing functions of life, especially for athletes, it becomes even more important to provide the necessary fuel to the body in terms of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Foods To Avoid for Runners

There are some strict no’s, especially if you are a runner. A runner aims to win a marathon; for this, he requires to build his stamina and physical strength. This is an ongoing process. It requires gradual yet impactful changes. Consistency is the key to success for such runners. Let us quickly review some no’s for a runner when it comes to eating.

1.    Sugary Sodas

Sugary sodas have no nutritional value; rather, they lead to excess calories in the body. Such sodas are even more injurious to athletes like runners. Sugary sodas are diuretic, and they result in dehydration in the body. Furthermore, they are more likely to interfere with energy levels which affect the overall performance.

Such drinks are hard to digest, and runners need something light and digestible that diffuses more easily. Hence it is a total no for runners. Such carbonated sugar packs should always be avoided.

2.    Alcohol

Achievement and accomplishment are often accompanied by celebration. Alcohol is on the top list when it comes to the celebration, but it is a complete no for a runner. Drinking right after a vigorous run can result in muscle cramps and dehydration. Just like sodas, alcohol, too, is a diuretic.

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Foods To Eat

In order to optimize performance, speedrunners need nutrition that is packed with vital nutrients. The right food can certainly help to boost stamina, performance and avoid injury. Here are some foods that are best for runners.

3.    Bananas

High-carb diets provide the body with glycogen which optimizes muscle performance and also helps to avoid fatigue. Thus a high-carb diet and food sources are best for runners. Bananas are high carb and mineral-rich superfood. Excessive sweating during the long run can result in the loss of minerals such as potassium.

Bananas are loaded with potassium, and it helps during the long run. Minerals such as potassium derived from bananas compensate for the loss of minerals through sweat. It also keeps the blood pressure in control.

4.    Oats

Oats are nutritious and the perfect breakfast for runners. In the morning, right after breakfast, runners go for a long run. Oats are high in carbs and fiber. Carbs provide essential energy. Also, the low glycemic index leads to a gradual rise in blood sugar levels. Fiber keeps you fuller for longer.

5.    Broccoli

It is a super vegetable. It is very beneficial for runners too. Broccoli is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is recognized for reducing and preventing sore muscles, especially after a vigorous workout. Other than Vitamin C, broccoli is also a rich source of calcium and folic acid. All these are also very essential for making bones strong.

Runners require foods that are healthy and beneficial for bones and muscles. Broccoli can be taken in a variety of ways and in combination with other vegetables and lean meat.

6.    Plain Yogurt

It is also very nutritious for runners. Yogurt is a combination of carbs, proteins, and essential amino acids. It also contains calcium which strengthens bones. An amino acid that we acquire from yogurt is not synthesized in the body and is very crucial for keeping muscles strong.

Yogurt is a dairy item that is rich in probiotics. These are very useful for maintaining and keeping the gut healthy. The list of benefits makes it a very beneficial food for athletes like runners.

7.    Potato

Potatoes are a staple food for athletes. Just like bananas, potatoes are also a rich source of potassium. Potatoes, more specifically sweet potatoes, are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A has many benefits to offer to the body. It is a strong antioxidant, boosts the immune system, strengthens eyesight, and even makes bone tissues strong.

There are countless ways to cook and eat potatoes. You may take it as a main ingredient or even cook it in combination with other vegetables, meat, and fish. The nutrition comes with flavor in each recipe.

8.    Dark Chocolate

Diligent runners can treat themselves to dark chocolate. Be very watchful of the quantity. Only 2 to 3 squares are enough. Dark chocolate, along with nuts, are also a very healthy snack. Dark chocolate is very beneficial to keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in control. It also contains flavonoids which help to reduce inflammation.

9.    Whole Grain Pasta

Runners should always look for whole-grain pasta and bread as it has more fiber that keeps you fuller for longer. Additionally, it is also rich in B vitamins which are again very useful and plays an important role in building muscles.

It is also high-carb and provides muscle energy while running. However, be cautious of the portion as it is a higher calorie count. Whole grain pasta is cooked in a variety of delicious recipes. Adding tuna and tomato sauce to your pasta can make it more tempting and nutritious.

Take Away

Runners are athletes who are indulged in vigorous physical activity. It is important to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet that constantly replaces the energy and nutrients utilized by the body. Likewise, it is also important to know foods that could possibly interfere with the health of muscles and bones.



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