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COVID-19 Tips: How to Properly Clean Your Furniture




The coronavirus is a deadly virus. On a metal surface it can survive for 5 days and on a wooden surface it can survive for 4 days only. To prevent the infection from spreading, disinfectants should be used on touched surfaces and it has been recommended by the health experts. Personal protection can be ensured by using hand sanitizers and wearing masks properly. On sinks, taps, toilets, desks, handles, switches, doorknobs, tables and counters, you can use household disinfectants. Now I am going to tell you how to properly clean your furniture during corona.

In order to find the right method of cleaning, the furnishing type must be identified by you.

  1. Furnishings made of Veneer                 
  • Tables
  • Furniture for office
  • Occasional tables
  • Dining Tabletops
  • Case goods of resident room

     Furnishings made of Solid Wood 

  • Rocking Chairs
  • Accent Chairs
  • Common Area Furniture Legs
  • Chairs of Dining Room

Method of wiping– First take a wet cloth and wipe the tables. Then use dry cloth on it. Turpentine and thinners should not be used because these agents are abrasive. For disinfecting the furnishings, you should pour some soap drops and vinegar in warm water and make a solution of this. Then for wiping the furnishings you can use this solution. The furnishings will get disinfected with this.

Take a furnishing polish that is non-abrasive. Then pick a soft cloth for removing the dust.

  1. Furnishings made of Thermolaminate
  • Tabletops that are occasional
  • Tabletops for dining
  • Case goods of resident room


 Method of wiping– Take some soap, put it in warm water and make a solution. Then use this solution for wiping. Then clean it with a microfiber cloth. White spirit, baking soda, turpentine and paint thinners should not be used for wiping.

  1. Furnishings made of Laminate
  •  Furniture used in salon
  • Furniture used in office
  • Tabletops for dining
  •  Case goods of resident room


Method of wiping– Take some warm water and pour liquid dishwashing detergent in it. Use it for wiping the top. If for products of wood, a particular household cleaner is suitable then this cleaner can be used for removing stains that are stubborn. Abrasive cleaners or bleach should be avoided.

  1. Furnishings made of Granite
  • Tabletops

Method of wiping – For deep wiping, dish soap or mild detergent should be used and for daily wiping a damp cloth can be used.

  1. Furnishings made of Polymer
  • Furniture of common area
  • Case goods
  • Chairs of dining room

Method of wiping – Windex or cleaners that are citrus-based should be used for wiping the furnishing made of polymer.

  1. Furnishings made of Aluminium or metal
  • Furniture for office
  • Furniture for outdoors
  • Chairs for dining room

Method of wiping – Take mild soap, put it in warm water and make a solution. Use this solution for wiping. A cleaner that is non-corrosive can also be used. If you want finishes that are non-textured to look glossy then fine automotive wax should be used on these.

  1. Furnishings made of Wrought Iron
  • Furniture for outdoors

Method of wiping – Put some soap in warm water and then use this solution for wiping.

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