5 effective Twitter advocacy tips for ads (That Actually Work)

  1. Choose the right handle, photo profile, and image header

Your Twitter handle must be recognizable and fast enough to allow people to recognize you quickly. You’ll use your handle to find your page if someone wants to search for your name.

In all social media accounts, keep the names uniform. You can confuse followers or make it difficult to find your page if you use a name different from your brand or business name. The name “H & M” is already sexy, short, and easily remembered, but it’s even easier to manage.

You use this strategy on all your social media pages consistently. No unnecessary characters are added to make it easy to find your pages. Choose a Twitter handle as close as you can to the name of your Brand, if you are just beginning. Step out meaningless numbers or marks of some sort.

Keep it too short. Keep it sweet. You will receive @mentions from other users and brands with a short Twitter handle. Because of the character limit of each post, people are less likely to discuss companies with long Twitter handles and get Twitter followers

.Potential customers could connect more than with a physical store with your Twitter account. Therefore you need to ensure you recognize and recall your profile image. It is not rare to use a logo to encourage recognition of the brand.

  2 .Optimize your bio to illustrate the personality of your brand

The Twitter bio is a 160-character place for your business to be shown under your photo profile. A murderer must be produced, and it has not to be rough. Only describe in a few simple, sweet phrases who you are in the world. This is how my organic Twitter looks:

  3. Tweet during peak hours

It tells us who I am, what I do, the company I built and with whom I formed it.

Here’s a range of elements for the creation of your organic products: Maintain it precise. Tell them who your brand is exactly.

Take any personality or mood into consideration. Tell a few jokes or say something fresh, don’t be afraid.

Brag a little bit. Brag a little bit. When your brand gets a good deal done, Tell others. Do thousands of customers already have? Let people know. Let people know.

Keep targeted. Keep targeted. Write a biography that draws you to your target audience.

Using hashtags to search for these words so that people can find your account.

Make sure you notice other marks in this region with which you might be affiliated.

It can also tweet while most people are online during peak hours.


Some days of the week or times of the day when users are more involved on Twitter, which means they are more likely to connect with your tweets. By defining and posting hours and days, you can gain more emotions, increase involvement and get loads of clicks. Tweets post Friday, Saturday and Sunday are apparently more CTR than on other days of the week, according to Buffer.

Some studies indicate that it is best to post between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. Others say that the time from midday to 3pm fits better between Monday and Friday. Tester how the content performs at various times and during different days to find out what’s best for your brand can depend on the peak publishing times your audience.


  1. Maintain minimum use of the hashtag (and use the right ones)


Tweets with hashtags are dedicated 2x higher than those who do not. Yet more than two hashtag tweets earn a 17% reduction in participation.



  • Without overuse, it is important to use the right kind of hashtags.
  • Just add hashtags to your tweets that add some meaning.
  • Using Twitter analytics to identify the most popular hashtags.
  • You can also find the right hashtags for your tweets by applying a tool like Hashtagify.
  • The tool proposes hashtags that are correlated with the keywords.
  • You can assess the hashtags’ strengths before using them with Hashtagify, so you’ll know what works best before you twitch them.
  • RiteTag is a close alternative to Hashtagify.

Then concentrate on carrying out some specialized searches.


5. Run some advanced searches

Would it not be good to find at this very second person interested in your services or products? Or find out what people think about your brand precisely? Fortunately, if you use advanced search from Twitter. Find future tweets by investigating particular words in the sector instead of sending advertising tweets or writing to current customers.

For instance, if you are a bakery, check-in your neighbourhood for words such as “baker,” “bakery.” You are more likely to find a baker or to deal with a problem with customer service in your region, from an individual searching for a baker.

Advanced searches put you in front of new leads. Talk to these people and tell them how you can repair or assist them.


5 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is currently one of the most effective marketing tools in the industry. That’s hardly surprising, considering almost everyone uses keyword research when they want to know more about something. People search for everything from the meaning of words to food recipes to products they might be interested in. 

Whether you’re only starting your business or thinking of expanding, an online presence is vital. Some start small with social media accounts, and others immediately launch a fully-functioning website. If you’re part of the latter group, the main goal is to drive your website traffic. To do this, you have to pique the interest of your page visitors.

Landing pages refer to the web pages that appear when a link is clicked on a search engine optimized search result, marketing email, or a caption on an online advertisement. When people search for queries about your company or even just keywords related to your products, the goal is to fulfill ranking factors so you can appear at the top of search engine results pages.


Why Optimize Your Landing Page?

Landing page optimization is, basically, the process of improving your landing page to increase conversions. Instead of solely relying on aesthetics, the redesign involves data and anecdotal evidence that will prove beneficial for the pages on your site. It is best advised to get a feel of your audience first before the website goes live. See what they like and deliver the results.

Understandably, search engine marketing evolves. New trends show up, and you have to be ready to make changes as well. While people tend to gravitate towards the new and shiny, this doesn’t mean you have to redesign your entire page for SEO results. 

Optimizing can mean anything from adding widgets, changing your fonts, tweaking a piece of content to the evolving links. The important thing is to evaluate user experience and base most of your landing page optimization on that. Here are some things you can do to improve your conversion and sales rates using your website.

Optimize for SEO

The best scenario for landing pages is when people find them organically. It does happen all the time if they are specifically looking for your company, product, or service. However, it doesn’t compare to the search volume produced when internal links for the landing page are shared via third-party platforms or when they are simply tailored for search engine optimization. 

While looking up specific keywords on search engines, if your landing page or content contains the correct number of industry-related and optimized phrases, it will be included in the search’s relevant results. If it ranks high, it could be featured as the first link on the search engine’s first page. This is mostly the aim of this landing page optimization strategy.

When designing or redesigning your landing page and its contents, be sure to include the keywords needed. At the very least, when people look up your company or product, a home page should be readily available, and they can be redirected to your website. Knowing if this is practical, uses tools like Google search console to evaluate your site’s traffic and performance.


Keep It Simple But Creative

As designs go, minimalistic may appeal to some but not others. However, it does eliminate visual clutter, especially if your goal is to be informative and not visually pleasing anyway. Moreover, you want your site visitors to be more focused on your call to action. This means giving more emphasis on the anchor texts of “Sign Up,” “Buy Now, “Add to Cart,” and others.

You can also opt for themes and colors that are still aesthetic but subtle and don’t focus away from your content or products. Call to action buttons should be clear and concise. It needs to draw attention and be evident for visitors to recognize immediately. Try to stray away from wordy and lengthy descriptions. Instead, get your message across, plain and simple.


Brand Consistency

Building a brand from the ground up is no easy job. Most of the time, companies have visions or goals to try to stick to and sell to consumers. In line with this, their branding, business practices, motifs, and eventually, their reputation will follow. You might think this has nothing with a landing page, but it could play a big part in attracting more leads and sales.

When you introduce your product or service to potential customers, you want them to relate a specific thing — food, electronic device, clothes, cars, whatever you’re selling — to your name. This means branding these products with your logo and making sure people pay attention to it. 

The same applies to your landing page. When people associate your brand with a certain standard, it is best to cater to these expectations. For example, clicking on your landing page from a search engine optimization result and seeing a neon-themed website for a company that offers legal assistance is not on-brand. 

More so, if you are advertising on social media or other third-party platforms by link building, the ad placed there should reflect the one posted on your landing page. Be consistent in your descriptions, offer, photos, and visual presentation. Otherwise, your customers will find your content sketchy and might write it off as non-legitimate.


Use Live Chat or Chatbots

Having a 24/7 connection to customers is essential in the internet age. Customers can come from all over the globe, should your brand become big enough for the international scale. This means that inquiries about your product or service could come at any time. While FAQ pages are all well and good, some customers have particular concerns.

As a solution, you can set up chatbots or live chats on your landing page. It is both convenient, easy, and accessible to both you and your customers. Not to mention, immediate assistance to inquiring web visitors tend to convert warm leads into guaranteed sales. Everyone loves good and personalized customer service, after all.

Even better, when you keep track of these chats, you can look at the transcripts for study and analysis. This way, you can cater to questions better and faster in the future. Another advantage to chat services on your landing page is you can leave your information for customers to take note of. You can also leave other details, such as tutorials or related links.


Feature Reviews from Real Customers

For every purchase made online, reviews are almost the first thing people look for. More feedback on a product or service means people liked (or disliked) it enough to form their thoughts and opinion of it. Not only that, but these reviews also allow businesses to improve or alter whatever is needed to satisfy customers.

Social proof such as a well-earned five stars out of five with stellar feedback somewhere on your landing page could attract leads better than a good old product advertisement. Call them testimonials, but when it’s real people that spread your brand through word of mouth, you’ll be surprised at how effective and persuasive they can be. 

A useful review from a loyal customer referring your product or service to their close friend or family member can be extremely effective marketing. They could help you build a small group of audience that not only genuinely enjoy your products but become known as a brand with a good reputation as well. 





How to Leave Laptops or Computers without Being Noticed

As laptops or computers have gotten necessary equipment or components for everybody. Purchasing brand-new laptops or laptops isn’t able to invested enormous amounts because of sufficient capital amount. For people who don’t have sufficient funds to purchase a new one, purchasing refurbished or second-hand notebooks and computers might be the sole answer. Normally, these refurbished machines came to retailers or manufacturers in the clients because of many different explanations.

Desktop v.s. Laptops – EMS Sound

Some of the reasons for the yield of merchandise could be scratches, reduced performances and occasionally brought their merchandise, will realize it is not required to own one. These are the key reasons to change their thoughts about due it and so ship it back. Very often these notebooks or laptops may have nothing, or hardly any, wrong together. After getting these goods, the producer will assess all of the systems, reconstruct them if any damaged or damaged components, then sell it refurbished machines IBM Backplane & Midplane Price List Since those are re-build goods they won’t let to market as new machines because this wouldn’t be an accurate explanation.

Although those are second hand or refurbished goods the operation of these can be quite excellent. Before purchasing to the clients the producers will assess every part to acquire better working conditions. Needless to say, because these are hand they might have some small marks or scratches on the exterior, they will provide long and accurate service like new. A few of the retailers may also give a couple of months of manufacturer guarantee on the refurbished goods to maintain trust in it.

There isn’t merely an inexpensive cost to get these goods and yet another advantage of buying refurbished merchandise was protecting the environment. On account of this reusing and refurbishing of these products we could reduce the carbon footprint substances due to that we could conserve the earth.

At existing laptops and laptops are becoming one of the vital elements in everybody’s life. Since the utilization and buying of those digital products rises, the costs of those gadgets are also rising. As cost factor, not all of people able to purchase brand-new goods with the most recent configurations. 1 good solution for people that cannot invest on brand-new notebooks and laptops, buy second-hand or refurbished goods

Purchasing second hand or used notebooks in the hometown could be tough. If you attempting to get these second-hand notebooks, then purchase it from retailers or online, not from people. However, while purchasing online one needs to research carefully then it’s possible to discover a fantastic item. Now, these second-hand or refurbished notebooks and laptops favor not just for home functions, but these can also be employed by small companies, schools, schools, etc.. There are only a few pointers that will assist you to get the most out of a second-hand notebook, right now purchasing a new apparatus has turned into an alternative.

Do not purchase these second-hand or refurbished laptops and computers via an individual person since they won’t have offered any sort of guarantee if any problem occurred on the item. Not only guarantee if you attempt to purchase it from personal cost also rather significant. If it is possible to purchase these goods from retailers or on the internet, they will supply a guarantee of a month or two. In internet, you may even get at an inexpensive cost on those gadgets.

Consistently high-level businesses prefer to purchase new of the most recent setup products for technological progress. For the most recent configuration upgrading, they’ll sell the accessible goods to retailers at lower costs plus they purchase brand-new products. Purchasing second-hand goods will helpful for a lot of individuals in addition to these have a good deal of advantages.

The store is among those Microsoft Authorized Refurbished offering the very best and high-definition notebooks and laptops at lower prices. Here we could also give a couple of months of manufacturer guarantee on the item. We could give 100% client satisfaction within the merchandise.

Refurbished devices are gaining popularity for a great deal of consciousness has been generated via networking. Because of this, you will find an increasing number of customers – individuals, companies, and associations – expressing their willingness to buy refurbished apparatus. But ever wondered just how the desktop computer or notebook is refurbished?

Exactly what occurs in the refurbishment procedure? This guide is an effort that will assist you realize the intricacies of this PC refurbishment market. The expression ‘refurbished’ actually means to revive, renovate, or recondition, which means PCs are restored to good working state for reuse. PC refurbishment is performed either by producers themselves or by accredited refurbishes. Let’s know the various steps involved with the PC refurbishment procedure.

The best notebook or desktop computer

A center is a notebook or desktop computer and its elements that come in the assembly line of refurbishment. Here are the many stations from where refurbishes supply the cores:

Asset recovery is an established practice to unlock the rest of the value of their IT capital assets or to stipulate with the regional laws of waste management. Asset recovery is completed as a way to liquidate assets that are idle, redeploy the resources to get an inner function, unlocking the value in excess assets, or only disposing of the resources according to.

Dead-On-Arrival: A certain proportion of computers arrive in retailers’ location in lifeless state as a result of improper handling during transit or another motive. As selling them is not feasible, retailers reunite such DOA stocks into OEMs, who subsequently may refurbish or offer them in the secondary market.

Upgradation: Person users get rid of the used notebooks and desktops to update to newer versions to uncover the value that may partially fund to buy of the new device. Upgrades occur in two situations:

(a) Whenever the consumer wants to get a new version That They dream of placing their hands,

(b) Their current apparatus is completely used and reaches a point when it could be disposed . Consumers dispose of the apparatus through retailer-sponsored exchange applications or market to refurbishers directly by using their online portals.

Salvage of components: Usable components and parts frequently emerge as by-products at a computer recycling plant. Such elements in working state are extremely beneficial to refurbishers in fixing cores.

When the center enters the assembly line, it goes through a sanitization procedure. On the interior, high-pressure atmosphere is blown to eliminate dust gathered in heating ducts, cooling fan, chip, and about the interior walls of their casings.

Considering all facets of cores property in a refurbishing centre, each great deal of cores destroys the triage. It’s the practice of grading and sorting the cores depending on the physical harm and the amount of functionality. Some can be in great working condition, but some require repairs and/or components replacement. A small percentage might be in dead state and may be delivered to recycling centers following salvaging useful parts.

Triaging eliminates unusable cores in the great deal and segregates the usable ones in accordance with their own functioning state. Cores are examined for any significant cosmetic and/or inner damage.

Refurbishers make it compulsory to wash out any present data on the hard discs. Simple formatting isn’t enough to eliminate the information entirely, as info nevertheless remains on the hard disk after formatting. Hence, refurbishers utilize high-level info erasing software to achieve this undertaking.

This really is the most crucial measure of PC refurbishing. Cores that may be mended involve small to moderate repair functions and replacement of components. Hardware problems like loose links, troubleshooting, and sterile soldering are mended and fixed, whereas missing/defective elements are replaced and these components might include RAM, picture cards, capacitors, ICs, as well as hard disks in some instances. Once through with replacements and repairs

Refurbished PC

Comprehensive testing of this refurbished PC is essential, since this measure plays an essential role in enhancing the standing of this refurbisher. Every PC is shaken to test for any overt noises suggesting loosely held parts or some other tiny components/tools left inside mistake. CPU, RAM, and HDD are analyzed thoroughly to provide optimal computing power. Each of the evaluations are all logged, printed, and connected to the various apparatus.

The apparatus going from this refurbishing facility should also look great so much as you can. Employed PCs typically come with blemishes, scratches, scratches, etc… All such problems are covered within this phase. Scratches and cosmetic flaws are eliminated as much as scratches and possible from metallic components are restored into original-like condition. Cosmetic paintwork can also be carried out wherever required.

Program installment licensing

But this licensing can be obtained only through Microsoft enrolled refurbishers. This way customers purchasing from these refurbishers gain in the real OS and applications. When the OS, tools such as MS Office, and all of the upgrades have been installed, permits are triggered making them real.

Eventually, the unit is re-packaged beneath the brand of this refurbisher or private-labeled to get re-commerce service supplier and sent to promote for re-sale. This strategy ensures refurbished computers are like new computers and prepare for one more innings with a different customer. Obviously, this business needs a bit of sound business procedures, business standards, accreditations, and benchmarks for regulations from the Government.

Conserve Energy, Save Earth!

By employing a refurbished pc, clients extend their service in just two matters:

(a) Decreasing the Massive carbon footprint at the production of new notebooks and laptops,

(b) Livelihood and employment to proficient and semi-skilled men and women, who may otherwise wind up unemployed.

Nowadays we tout about the most recent energy-efficient computers which have lower power. However, the truth is that a great deal of energy has been spent to generate such computers.



Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Translator

When you are looking to expand your business internationally or reach new target markets, hiring a translator or translation company can be a great way to start. These professionals help open doors to new communities and cultures that your business may never otherwise have access to. They can also help you make those connections into conversions – something your bottom line will really like!

However, far too many business owners and operators make common mistakes when hiring a translator. Whether it’s a mistake based in misunderstanding or oversight, these common concerns can keep your finished translations from being the high-quality products you need them to be.

Here, we’ll address five of these problems, as well as their solutions. You might not believe how simple it can be to keep these things from happening to you – and to make the most out of your translation investment, as a result!

Relying on Machine Translation

It seems like translation services are everywhere, these days. Whether it’s a website you can access from your computer or tablet or a mobile phone app that you can keep on hand at all times, cheap, automated translation is readily available to almost everyone.

However, that can create some major problems. The translations offered by these services cannot provide professional-quality results. In fact, many of them disclose this information upfront, stating that their products are to be used for entertainment purposes only. Far too many professionals rely on these services, though – and that can cause some serious problems with your finished translations.

When your business is on a budget, it can be very tempting to utilize a free translation service. After all, why pay for something you can get for free? As we mentioned, though, these free translations are often worth very little in terms of their accuracy and effectiveness for marketing and even business communication purposes. They use a direct, word-for-word translation that fails to take cultural concerns into account. They yield stiff, mechanical-sounding finished products that are often full of grammatical errors.

The truth is, you get what you pay for – or don’t – when it comes to translation services. Human translation simply can’t be beaten in terms of accuracy and nuance. When your business is on the line, that’s definitely worth investing in.

Failing to Disclose Important Project Details Upfront 

When you pitch your project to your prospective translator, be sure to give them all the details upfront. This isn’t usually difficult. After all, the details of most corporate translation projects are fairly straightforward. However, failure to disclose them properly and before committing to the project can cause major issues later in the process.

Tell your translator how many words you need to be translated, what your budget is, what time frame you have to work with, and address any other details like cultural considerations, etc. Doing this upfront will save you time, money, and stress later!

Expecting Your Translation Professionals to Perform on Very Tight Deadlines

When you Hiring a Translator your translator will typically offer you an expected turnaround time – or TAT – when they accept your project. This will give you an idea of how quickly they can complete your order. In some cases, they may be flexible on this time frame, and may even be able to speed up the completion of your translation project for an additional fee.

However, it is important to remember that you are Hiring a Translator, translators are human too. They can only work so many hours in a day, and their time is important to them. Requiring them to work on very tight deadlines will cost much more, as well as narrow your talent pool when choosing someone to work with. No one likes to be rushed!

Handing Over Poor-Quality Text for Translation 

When you submit text to your potential consumers, investors, or business partners, you want that text to be flawless. You want quality and readability, with a touch of personality and charm. That is exactly what you should turn over to your translator when you Hiring a Translator. After all, their job is to translate your text – not write it for you. Make sure your original coy is correct and free of flaws. This will yield a better-finished product and make the translation process quicker and easier for your business partner.


Not Making Yourself Available to Field Questions Your Translator May Have 

Italian translators are experts in Italian and the many facets of culture that go into learning the language. But that doesn’t mean they will automatically understand every aspect of the project you assign them. They may have questions regarding small details, cross-cultural references, or even just logistics issues.

Making yourself available to field these questions will do two things. First, it will ensure that they are answered promptly and correctly. Second, it will keep the project moving along at a good pace, preventing stagnation and extended wait times that could be bad for business. Truly a win-win!

Working with a translation professional is just like any other business partnership. You have to put into the project the same level of professionalism and focus that you expect in return. If you do that – and use these tips as a guide for how to conduct your business along the way – you’ll love the way translation services boost your business.


Quick Growth for Startups: Mobile App Development Tips!

Every business person needs to build up a versatile application in the current advanced time if they wish to continue in the quickly developing business sector. Users’ reliance on their cell phones has made it essential for business owners to build a personal connection with them. Also, what’s better for a tech enthusiast crowd? A mobile application!

Individuals are reliant on a mobile application for even the most essential task, for example, waking up (by setting up an alarm in the clock “application”). In this way, it has gotten necessary for entrepreneurs to get their web-based game started and look for a reliable mobile application development company to construct a unique and dynamic application, regardless of Android or iOS.

In any case, to build up a useful application nowadays, you have to think about a couple of things.

Application stores have eight million+ sites, out of which no one but 2% can be viewed as popular. This suggests that 98% of the mobile applications have no clue about where they are going and what they are actually doing with their projects.

However, we should ensure your application comes in the uncommon 2%; you get all the accomplishment there is, and to do that, you have to remember the accompanying focuses:

  • Discover what your users like: 

Your users won’t utilize any application that they don’t care for, as they are under no obligation to use it. Regardless of whether you have invested a ton of work and many hours into the project, there are high possibilities that your users will drop off your application if they don’t find it intriguing.

It would be best if you acted with the top to bottom approach to make an application that impeccably accommodates your client’s preference and interest to keep them drawn in.

  • Pick the correct platform: 

When you understand what your users like the most, you currently need to make sure that you incorporate the correct features into the mobile app and dispatching it on the right platform. The appearance and feel of an application would also be diversely different platforms. The user base of every stage would likewise be unique.

In this way, you should comprehend your user base, coordinate it to the platform, analyze who your application will deal with each platform, and check all the specific boundaries needed to ensure you assemble your application right.

Another imperative perspective is picking the correct arrangement of features integrated into your application, with unique content and a brilliant UI. If you appropriately coordinate these highlights into your application, your clients will adhere to it for an indeed prolonged period.

You can likewise choose to opt for a mobile app development agency’s services to determine which app platform (Android or iOS) will be better suited for your application.

  • Create simple applications: 

Recall that you are building up an application for a mobile phone, something that has been famous on the lookout for the convenience it gives. You should likewise make an application that is easy to comprehend. Try not to muddle its working yet placing in numerous features or making its navigation look complicated.

Keep it straightforward, and see the magic happening with your app’s increased popularity.

  • Fewer ads will make your users happier: 

If your objective is to build up an application worth all the praises and scale up rapidly, you should keep ads and banners within a specific limit. You would need to guarantee that your users discover the UX direct and straightforward. If they feel their screen is jumbled up and is meddling with their browsing experience, they will uninstall your application in a breath.

This isn’t a tip; this is something you should, in all cases, do.

  • SEO Friendly: 

To generate thoughtful revenue and get acknowledgment from a massive crowd, you would need to build up a mobile application that brings your users’ attention and enough downloads. This will only happen when you figure out how to carry your application from the market right to your user’s mind.

Furthermore, what’s the ideal approach to do that? By jumping on the highest possible rank in the search engine.

Consequently, you should hire a mobile application development company with important pertinent information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ASO (Application Optimization). They will build up your app such that it gets appreciated upon its launch.

  • Customize the Design: 

There are two essential game players in the best performing operating system war, and they are Android and iOS. Every OS accompanies its own set of features and rules. Along these lines, an application developed for iOS will appear to be different on Android and the other way around.

Subsequently, it is ideal for modifying your application’s looks and feeling inconsistency with the specific operating systems’ requirements.

According to your users’ needs, customization is the most fundamental aspect of determining your app’s success. Accordingly, if you know about your user base’s preferences, you should customize your application according to your user’s liking.

Parting Thoughts:

Stepping into the mobile app development game is very significant for each business owner out there. Since we live in the digital age, being a business person, you can not ignore even the smallest chance to get your colossal achievement.

In this way, one thing is evident. It would be best if you took your business to the whole world.

That is conceivable in only one manner. That is, to find the right mobile app development agency to work on developing a mobile application that the world can appreciate.

Your name can likewise be on the Fortune 500 list; you should simply do it right.


Airline Pilot Technical Interview- How To Be Prepared For Your Best

After successfully completing your commercial pilot license course and landing an interview with a major airline company, the next step is the airline pilot technical interview. It is here where you will have to demonstrate to the airline recruiters why they should hire you for the job. The airline interview can be a daunting process where your practical and technical flying skills and aviation knowledge will be put to the ultimate test.

Before discussing the best ways you can be prepared, it is important to first understand the basics of the airline interview process.

A brief outline

Even though the interview and application process can vary depending on the airline, the following outline will list the most common steps you will be required to take:

  • Applying to an airline. This is usually done with an online application including a detailed resume and cover letter.
  • Aptitude/psychometric testing. Some airlines include this step in the interview itself while other airlines will conduct this online in the initial application.
  • Having a video or telephone interview, usually over Zoom or Skype.
  • Going to the airline’s assessment day with the other applicants. The assessment day can include group activities, scenario-based questions, technical questions, a panel HR interview, flight planning exercises, and more.
  • Conducting a sim test. This is where they will assess your flying skills inside of a flight simulator.
  • Conducting a reference check.
  • Conducting a medical check.

Response times can vary

After you have applied to an airline company, there is no guarantee you will receiving an instant response as response times can vary between airlines. It could be anywhere between two to four weeks – or two to four months. It can depend on a number of factors such as the complexity of the airline’s process for screening candidates, their rate of recruitment, or how many applicants they received.

However, some airlines may respond to applicants quicker depending on their situation. The airline might have designated recruitment schedules, experiencing a rapid expansion or suffering from a shortage of pilots.

Tips for preparing for your airline interview

Now that you have a basic understanding of the airline interview process, here are three helpful tips to help you to be best prepared for your airline pilot technical interview:

  1. Research the airline company

You don’t want to end up in the situation of attending the airline interview without knowing important information about the company. Unlike 9-5 jobs, being a commercial airline pilot is a career, which means you must be able to show and demonstrate your knowledge of the airline you are applying to such as:

  • Any important or recent company news such as opening a new route.
  • Knowing who the key players of the airline company are. This includes Chief Pilots, the Director of Flight Operations, and the CEO.
  • The key company messages and core values of the airline. You can usually find this information on the company’s website.
  • Knowing the airline’s general history, including their aircraft types and fleet size.
  • Knowing who the airline’s biggest competitors are.

  1. Practice, practice, practice

Even though you won’t have an exact idea of what specific questions you will be asked during the airline pilot interview, it’s important to rehearse and practice your answers for questions that are the most commonly asked. You don’t need to create a fully prepared script, but it’s important to practice your answers enough so you can effectively demonstrate your main points when answering. Some of these questions can include:

  • What most interests you about aviation?
  • Describe a situation where you discovered a safety issue and how you handled it.
  • What is the most difficult decision you’ve had to make as a pilot?
  • Why exactly do you wish to fly for our airline?
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself.

  1. Leave no questions unanswered

During the airline pilot interview, you might come across some questions that you weren’t expecting or have practiced for. If this occurs, it’s crucial to still provide an answer. Failing to do so runs the risk of not demonstrating the competencies that the interview panel is looking for.

A common situation that might happen is if you are asked to describe a scenario when there was a conflict with your team members and what actions you took to resolve the problem. However, you can’t recall a specific situation from the top of your head.

The best solution is to answer the question truthfully, and instead explain how you would approach the situation if it were to arise. This could involve listening to each team member for the context of the situation and then explaining how you would resolve the conflict using your communication skills.

To ensure that you are best prepared for your airline interview, search online for a flight academy in Melbourne which offers workshops such as an airline pilot technical interview theory course. These courses can inform you of exactly what is required to ensure you have the best chance of passing your cadet pilot interview.