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5 Facts You Should Consider Before Starting an Online Business

Working in a 9-5 job has been flipped upside down during the pandemic and many suffered from job losses. An online business can be a lucrative alternative as it can be done from home even. However, there are a few important factors you should consider before you take the leap to starting your own online business.

In this guide for all aspiring entrepreneurs in the online market we share key pointers to take into account before you decide to become an internet entrepreneur. Let us get right on to the five things you should know before starting a business that ideally should succeed and convert. 

  • Humble Beginnings

Starting your business with the expectation you will reach the top within a month is juvenile. It takes several months to years of hard work and dedication for a company to reach a stable position and make a profit. You must be aware that it takes time for your business to achieve results on the internet in search results on search engines or on social media. Initially it may be beneficial to get a professional SEO consultant involved to help with building and ranking your business website. Do not give up if your business is not profitable in the first 6 months and invest until you make your first income. Keep believing in it and persist. It took Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis nearly 10 years to make millions with his website. 


  • Networking for Business Growth

In the online world being social makes a big difference and successful online retailers like Amazon or ASOS utilize social media and influencers to increase brand awareness and sales. Use social media platforms also to interact with people in similar businesses so you can understand and learn from them. Solid networking with bloggers, writers and journalists that write about your niche or industry will help you reach out to the right and wider audience for your brand or services. Writing reader-friendly expert guest posts for notable and relevant publications can also help immensely with boosting your online business. 


  • Assess & Track Your Leads 

It may take some time for your business to start generating leads, but when it finally happens, you must not forget to trace where your leads came from to better understand their customer journey. Every customer that comes to you has come through one of the many online channels you use and it’s your responsibility to learn how they found you. Keep track of all your leads and document them so that you can find out which source is generating the most and least leads. This can influence your marketing tactics and generate more leads. A few online courses can help you run your business in a more effective way and at the SeekaHost University you can take free SEO and marketing courses. It is best if you learn something before you start a business because only then you will be able to face the challenges any entrepreneur must.

  • Focus On Service 

Good customer service attracts loyal customers and successful businesses get their customers to return. To achieve this, your priority must be to offer better deals than your competitors, to pay more attention to customer feedback and to improve your services and products. Initially, you will have a better chance to build a customer base that will eventually reward you for your hard work. Remember it’s the customers that make or break your business. 

  • Email! Email! Email! 

Email is the key element when it comes to customer communication and the best way to keep your prospective customers interested in what you have to offer. It is important that you build an email list so that you can regularly inform your subscribers about anything related to your business. The email content should be informative, relevant, and engaging and it should be circulated on a regular basis, however, it should not annoy them so that they unsubscribe. If you are in the process of launching your business, even then you can use email marketing to create a hype and get your customers interested in your business. And you should obviously always respond promptly to an email queries as customers will not wait around to make a purchase. 

Hopefully, these 5 facts will come in handy and give you an insight into the world of setting up an online business. If you bear them in mind, you can take your online business game to the next level. 

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How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021?

Getting verified on Instagram is no child’s play. If you have tried and failed, this guide thoroughly explains how to apply for Instagram verification alongside expert tips to improve the chances of qualifying.

Before starting, let’s get familiar with some basics.

What Does It Mean to Get Verified on Instagram?

Instagram verification proves that the Instagram account in question is the authentic presence of the brand, celebrity, or public figure.

A verification badge or checkmark similar to this is found on Facebook, Tinder, and Twitter as well. It confirms that the account is trustworthy.

The purpose of this verification is to make real accounts stand out from the crowd. It also ensures that the personality/brand you are following is genuine. Plus, verification badges like these are rare. However, this doesn’t mean these verified accounts get special treatment from Instagram’s algorithm. The only reason why these accounts earn high engagement is that they post content resonating with their audience.

Steps to Get Verified 

Ready to get verified on Instagram? Follow these steps to perfection:

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile. 
  2. Tap the hamburger icon
  3. Go to the settings
  4. Tap account
  5. Click request verification
  6. An application form will appear in front of you. Enter the following information in the fields:
  • Legal name 
  • Work or known as name (if application)
  • Choose the category or industry for instance sports, blogger, influence, brand, business, etc.
  • Submit a photo of your government-issued ID, passport, or driver’s license
  • Business must submit tax fillings, article of incorporation, or utility bill 
  1. Close everything by tapping send.

After you are done, Instagram’s team will review your application. Instagram doesn’t reach out via email or ask for money. The approval will appear in the notification tab. it usually takes a few days to a week for a response. Instagram will either say Yes or No. It doesn’t provide an explanation or feedback, which makes it hard to know what went wrong.

Who Is Eligible to Get Instagram Verified?

The verification badge isn’t just for celebrities or big names. Anyone can apply to get verified. The only problem is Instagram is mysterious and picky when it comes to verification. 

If you already have a blue checkmark on Facebook or Twitter, this doesn’t guarantee you will receive a verification badge on Instagram as well. 

Instagram has made it clear that only celebs, public figures, and brands with a high likelihood of being impersonated can get verified. It is a mystery really! Here is all we know about eligibility as per Instagram’s terms and conditions. Your account must meet these criteria in order to qualify:


You must be a real person. If you are a brand of business, you must be registered. If it’s a fan account about Cox Internet plans for instance or meme pages, it cannot get verified.


One person/business can have one verified account only. 


Your account must be public. Private accounts don’t qualify for verification. 


The account must be complete. It must have a profile photo, a bio, and at least one post.


Anything notable as per Instagram is highly searched for or is famous. 

If your Instagram account meets the above criteria, go ahead, follow the steps and verify your account.

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Verification 

Instagram didn’t verify your account? No worries, you can always try again. This time, keep these tips in mind to increase your chances of verification. 

  • Never pay for a verification badge

If there is a guy in your comments saying he can help you with Instagram verification, ignore him! Never give money to anyone for verifying your account. The third-party apps that promise a verification badge are bogus as well. 

Don’t believe those who want to sell their Instagram account with a verification badge because they no longer need it. Stay on your guard. Instagram will never contact you in regards to verification. It doesn’t request payment either.

  • Get more followers

A rejection from Instagram could mean you are not that famous. In other words, keep on posting amazing content to drive real followers. As your follower count increases and people start noticing you more, you can try again. 

Final Words

Play by the rules, keep on working towards growing your audience and follow the steps shared in this guide to get verified on Instagram. 


Web Design, SEO and Internet Marketing

Would you be able to accomplish great deals with awful site design and wrong SEO? Indeed, even Dr. Kotler, the promoting master, can scarcely do this. The special and astounding design starts things out, than the SEO lastly the promoting exertion. The way to progress at every single one of these three stages and of the endeavor overall is in the foundation reference. By this I imply that you ought to consistently have in the rear of your brain (or closer) what you will do in the other two regions (state, SEO and advertising) when you are working in the first (web design).


It all comes down to attraction

In the event that you read even just one book on web design, one on SEO and one on Internet advertising you will be lost in the subtleties and unlimited alternatives proposed. Try not to stress; attempt to see the woodland behind the trees: it is about fascination. With the astonishing web design your website is shouting out to be seen among the hundreds and thousands of others on the web, to grab the eye of Internet client. With the circumspect SEO you are attempting to expand the traffic to your site, for example to allure the web indexes and more guests to visit the webpage all the more frequently and remain there longer. 


The astute showcasing procedure has a definitive motivation behind change, transforming the guest into a purchaser by a wide range of tempting stunts and controls. Each of the a matter of fascination, right? Also, the premise of fascination is you, your own marking as a dependable and ingenious web buddy. Click Here


Haw can this best be done?

In the event that we are truly proficient and genuine, we should concede that you can’t conquer the normal shopper worry by gleaming advertisements and clever gadgets just, but instead by zeroing in on the genuine estimation of your items and your unmatched help, by treating your clients decently and with deference. Continuously step from the customer’s perspective and transparent his/her eyes what they hope to see, what they like and abhorrence, where they want to invest their online energy, what their shopping propensities are, and so forth; at that point attempt to cause them to feel simple and certain, attempt to take care of their issues, not yours. As the master says, don’t sell drills, offer a helpful method to make openings.


Five practical hints:

  1. A one page site is crazy. Solid organizations have locales with numerous and changed pages. Not one single page with depiction of items and administration, however entire inventories, exhibitions and areas, showing business limit and thorough flexibly. Go after this, even on a more modest scope, however develop continually. 
  2. Try not to put in the request structure excessively near the landing page. Assuming this is the case, it would seem that you are pushing the guest to purchase. However, nobody likes to be pushed, particularly purchasers.
  3. Make your site look predictable concerning the enormous three from the earliest starting point of the article. Try not to permit the guest to see that you have invested an excess of cash and energy in the design, however you have had no cash or comprehension to give equivalent consideration to SEO or advertising. Or then again the alternate route round.
  4. Demonstrate obviously, close to enter and contacts fastens, that you have an exacting strategy of classification and individual data assurance and give a connection to the separate guidelines. This makes trust and causes the guest to feel simple on your site.
  5. Make guests intrigued, and why not experience passionate feelings for the marvel of promoting, called Unique Selling Proposition. Truly, this it is: what is the worth you offer that can make somebody purchase from you, as opposed to from the opposition. On the off chance that you actually don’t have the response to this inquiry, simply stop and take as much time as is needed to sort it out.