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Debt and Retirement

   You probably know that retirement is the end of your working life. And there are many ways you can use the time you have left wisely to plan for your golden years. The first step is to start planning early. Start by saving money for retirement. Some simple research can show you how easy …


Retirement And Your Credit Score

            If your credit is a mess right now, and you’re considering retiring soon, then you’re probably wondering what the impact will be on your retirement. Will having poor credit impact your retirement? 1. Does Retirement Affect Your Credit There are several scenarios in which having poor credit scores or no credit scores …


Budgeting Tips For New Parents

          Parenting or child raising supports and promotes the emotional, mental, social, and cognitive development of a young child from birth to adulthood. However, the emotional and psychological needs of babies and children change over time, making it necessary to adapt parenting techniques to meet changing needs. Child raising does not have …


How To Conserve Water in Your Home

Water conservation is vital to our community and sustainability. Saving water is not just important to our environment, but it can also save you money. When it comes to precious resources, water is as precious as it gets which is why conserving water is vital for our community. 1. Water Wasters Here are some of …


Social Media and Depression

People are nowadays more engaged with each other than ever before. Thanks to smartphones, the web and social media, internet, and the glut of digital devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, and laptops. The important question is these modern gadgets making our lives better or worse off?  A lot of research shows that social media use …