Benefits of Reverse Mortgage for Senior Citizens

Are you a senior citizen who is aged 60 years or more with your own property and looking for funds to meet your daily and other needs? If yes, then you are not alone!

Many senior citizens aged 60+ with their own property face such a situation. Not all get pensions and may not have a source of income after they retire.

They are forced to liquidate their assets to make way for daily outlays. But you don’t need to do that as there is a handy solution to avail funds.

You can get the facility of the reverse mortgage loan from leading lenders in India. If you want to know about it and associated benefits, then this post is a must-read!

What is a reverse mortgage loan?

A reverse mortgage loan is a type of credit that senior citizens can avail of when they mortgage their own property. A senior citizen is provided with a certain percentage of the value of the mortgaged property in the form of a loan. The funds are disbursed to such an applicant periodically. The loan money can suffice the needs of a retiree.


The reverse mortgage loan facility also lets senior citizens get money as monthly payments to pay for any emergency or as per their needs.

The best part of the reverse mortgage loan is that senior citizens don’t need to pay any EMI towards the credit availed. What’s more, they continue to live in the mortgaged house. The repayments happen only if they move or sell the property. If they pass away, then the lender occupies the property and may liquidate it.

 Advantages of applying for a reverse mortgage loan

  1. You can live stress-free with immediate finances

With the home mortgage loan, you don’t have any liability for the money borrowed. Yes, you don’t have to bother paying the EMIs. The money that you receive is yours to spend and meet your needs. And that means that you can improve your lifestyle with hassle-free access to funds.

  1. No restrictions on how you use the loan money

Applying for the reverse mortgage loan online with a renowned lender in India means that you are entitled to using the loan money without restrictions. It means no matter what your needs are; you can use the money and fulfill everything conveniently. You can always apply for the reverse home mortgage loan online and get approval in 48 hours.

  1. It comes with no defaulting risk 

The home that your mortgage remains in your possession until you leave it permanently. Unless you continue to pay the taxes and insurance on time, there comes no risk of non-payment at all.

  1. You get to enjoy the benefit of the repayment 

In case if you have to make a repayment towards the loan, then you only need to pay the market value of the mortgaged property. And it is irrespective of the total loan amount that is sanctioned.

  1. Disbursal of money continues to another partner if one passes away 

In case if you have applied for the reverse mortgage loan with your spouse as the co-applicant, the disbursal to one will continue even after the passing of the other.

  1. Easy to meet eligibility and minimal documents 

Applying for the reverse mortgage loan does not mean that you have to meet complex eligibility criteria and furnish a bucket of documents. The standard eligibility and documents required by lenders are as follows:

  • You should be aged at least 60 years.
  • The property that you wish to mortgage must not have any litigation and prior liability. In other words, the property must not have been mortgaged in another secured loan with legal issues.
  • The home to be mortgaged should be the permanent house of the applicant and at least 20 years old.
  • You need to furnish KYC documents, the address, and income proofs, along with a copy of the documents of the property to be mortgaged. Some lenders may want you to submit some additional documents to process your loan request.

How to apply for a reverse mortgage loan online?

Applying for a reverse mortgage loan online is now hassle-free. You can follow the below standard steps and do that effortlessly. However, you should be aware that the steps of applying for the loan may differ from loan providers to loan providers.

Step 1. Land on the website of the lender you wish to apply for the reverse mortgage loan and fill the online application form.

Step 2. After you submit the online loan application form, then the creditor will contact you within 24 hours to take it forward. You may also need to submit the loan documents with the representative itself.

Step 3. If you have the required eligibility, then you can get the loan approval in 48 hours. The loan money gets disbursed in your bank account within 4 days post-approval.

The basics and the advantages of the reverse mortgage loan are now discussed. If you want a regular income post-retirement, then you can opt for it and live comfortably.

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Experts believe that the dose and time of day can indeed make a difference in how your body responds to CBD. You can use this knowledge to maximize the benefits of your CBD products.

In this article, we’ll give you the answers and details on the ideal time of day to use your CBD oil, the different dosages, and how to make your routine the most effective based on your individual situation.


Please note that CBD oil should be considered as a dietary supplement and not as a medicine, people today take CBD for various reasons, from the treatment of specific symptoms such as pain, anxiety, seizures, and acne, regulating mood, appetite, etc. CBD is also a great supplement for general improvement in well-being.

The versatility of CBD oil comes from its relationship with the endocannabinoid system, a prominent regulatory network that maintains a balance between vital biological functions.

Thousands of reputable studies on CBD are published online. In fact, cannabinoids have been studied more often for their therapeutic properties than some popular over-the-counter products. CBD begins to interact with your endocannabinoid system within minutes, although more noticeable effects come with long-term use.

Cannabis sativa

This is because CBD is the modulator of the endocannabinoid system; it regulates the above functions without directly binding to cannabinoid receptors. CBD is also an adaptogen, which means it can improve your daily life without any negative side effects.

In addition to this, CBD oil may also contain other beneficial nutrients that are often deficient in the modern lifestyle. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains a variety of important nutrients, including:

  • Minor cannabinoids
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Vitamins
  • Trace elements
  • Terpenes
  • Flavonoids
  • Chlorophyll


There is no one ideal time of day to use CBD oil for every individual. Frankly, the perfect time is when you feel CBD fits your routine the best.

Many people prefer to use their CBD product in the morning, take smaller doses to focus, and start their day with the natural benefits of cannabidiol. Others prefer to take their serving of CBD in the evening or before bed. However, most users decide to take CBD consistently throughout the day to maintain regular endocannabinoid levels in their system.



When your morning brain fog is harsher than usual, CBD can help. While CBD oil doesn’t give you a quick energy surge like a cup of coffee in the morning, it does help promote a healthy state of balance and a calming feeling in the mind. Morning is the best time of day to take CBD oil if you want to stay focused and deal with everyday stress. Lower doses of CBD can also increase your morning alertness, making it easier to maintain healthy sleep-wake cycles.


Life can bring us unexpected things and happenings, so taking CBD in the morning can help relieve the anxiety you feel before going to work or when you are about to experience an important moment in your life. CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain to promote relaxation; it also modulates the activity of the GABA receptor  – also called a “hand brake” for the brain – reducing hyperactivity.


If you’re feeling tired and anxious after a busy day, CBD is a great choice for relaxing your mind and body at night. Higher doses taken before bed can have a sedative effect on the body, which can be helpful if you are having difficulty falling asleep.


Not only does CBD help you maintain healthy sleep cycles, but it can also influence different stages of sleep as well. For example, CBD has been studied for its ability to reduce REM sleep disorders such as sudden body movements, tremors, vivid dreams, and vocalizations.


The hectic times we live in make it difficult for the wired mind and body to slow down after all day, and let’s be honest – sinking into the sofa or bed doesn’t help them relax. CBD can help induce feelings of relaxation and tranquility by helping protect you from the thought flow many of us experience before falling asleep.

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Amazing ways to Get Out of Debt Fast

A debt, in itself, is not a negative thing. However, a debt that you cannot pay for whatever reason can hurt your credit score and your chances of getting more loans in the future. The good news is that hard work, focus, and motivation can help you get out of debt too. For starters, one of the simplest and most effective tools you can use is a budget. 


There is a reason budgeting is so popular. It might seem elementary but seeing where your hard-earned money goes every single month puts your spending habits into perspective. And if you’re already struggling with how to get out of debt, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying your hand at budgeting.


Once you get used to creating and sticking to a budget, you’ll have a better handle on the funds that come in and go out. Strict budgeting also shows you in certain terms what you can truthfully afford and what you can’t. From here, you can devise a clear plan to get out of debt. 

How to Get Out of Debt

The first step is to determine what kind of debt you actually have. Generally, there are two kinds of loans, secured and unsecured loans. Secured loans require some form of collateral to be pledged while unsecured don’t. 


To get out of debt, you want to address your secured loans first because missing the fixed-payments can cause you to lose the collateral that you had pledged. After, you can start clearing out your unsecured loans.

How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

One of the most common types of unsecured loans is credit card debt. It is a common question that how to pay down credit card debt? It can be frustrating to manage payments for several cards but there is a systematic way to do it and get out of debt.


The first step to managing your unsecured loans is to list them down according to interest rates from highest to lowest. You must continue to pay the minimum amount for each of these loans but, where possible, choose to pay more.


You might have difficulty paying even the minimum amounts for your credit cards. Though it might seem counterproductive, it would actually be a good idea to get in touch with your creditors and let them be aware of your situation.


It is likely that they will be more than happy to help you come up with a payment plan. After all, it’s in their best interest that you get to pay them regularly in a timely manner!

Debt Consolidation

Another option you can consider to get out of debt is debt consolidation. Basically, this lump sum payment is a loan typically provided by a bank, credit union, or online lender that clears the full amount of your unsecured debt in one go.


It is important to note however that the interest rate of your debt consolidation loan must be lower than the average interest rate you were paying on your credit cards. If not, then the debt consolidation plan does not help you get out of debt.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement, which is also known as debt relief or debt adjusting, is another possible solution to get out of debt. This strategy allows you to settle for far less than you actually owe. You can do this yourself or you can avail of this service from third parties who will try and negotiate settlements with your creditors on your behalf. 


Some of these services are successful but be aware that these come with significant risks and, instead of helping you get out of debt, can leave you in even deeper debt if you aren’t careful.


For instance, there are no guarantees that your creditors will accept the terms of the negotiation or even speak with debt relief companies. And many times, debt settlement companies advise you to stop making monthly payments until they reach an agreement with your creditors. 


During a period of 36 to 48 months, you need to put money into an escrow account. This accumulated amount will then be used to make an offer to your creditors.


Take note that failure to pay your creditors carries the risk of late fees, debt collectors, and even lawsuits. Missed payments can be considered delinquent accounts which could negatively affect your credit rating.


Unfortunately, the risks do not end there. If some of your credit card balance is forgiven, this portion can then be considered taxable income which means you have to pay a tax for it, negating any savings you just made.


When you’ve finally found the best way to pay off debt and complete it, your credit report will reflect that the account was “settled” which stains your credit score for 7 years. You can suffer a credit score hit of 100 to 125 points.


As you can see, debt settlement as a way to get out of debt is possible but comes with serious drawbacks that must be considered very carefully.

Debt Management

Another way to become debt-free is to utilize debt management, an unofficial agreement with unsecured debt creditors for the repayment of debts over a particular time period. This period essentially extends the time with which you can get out of debt. 


Under this arrangement, your creditors are offered a Statement of Affairs (SOA) that shows them your disposable income that you will proffer to them. They will then decide to agree to it or not.


Once an agreement is reached, you are to pay regular installments to the debt management company. These installments are then distributed between your creditors.


The overall goal of debt management is to help you get out of debt at a manageable level over a fixed time period. In this way, you are afforded a chance to create a fresh start with your finances.


One real benefit of debt management is its informal and flexible nature. In effect, the payment plan can be altered to accommodate changing circumstances.


Entering a debt management plan also signals to your creditors that you are serious about your plan to get out of debt. This also signals to prospective creditors that they can trust you when it comes to future loans that you may need.


Debts are incredibly useful and, most of the time, unavoidable. But if you have a negative relationship with debts then you might find yourself in a stressful situation with your creditors. Get out of debt using simple and personal solutions like budgeting your monthly cash flow. 


You can also opt for more complex solutions like debt consolidation to clear out your debt in one go. Just make sure your debt consolidation interest rate is lower than the average interest rates of your credit cards.


There are other solutions to get out of debt. For some, the benefits of debt settlement outweigh its risks and can allow you to pay far less than what you really owe at the possible cost of your credit score. 


And lastly, you can negotiate a debt management plan that gives your creditors a look into your disposable income which you can then proffer to them. This plan is informal and can even make you look like a promising debtor to future creditors.

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Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil : Differences you should know

Cannabidiol is becoming more widely known and researched in recent years as well as hemp oil benefits. With the United States’ new 2018 Farm Bill, hemp, the source of CBD oil, has been legalized nationwide.

Production and distribution of hemp are no longer under the Department of Justice. They are now under the Department of Agriculture.

Cannabis sativa plants that have more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are commonly known as marijuana. Hemp contains more or less the same cannabinoids as marijuana but with significantly lower THC and higher CBD.

Previous studies centered on THC and its potential for medical use. It left the other phytocannabinoids in the background.

However, the rise of industrial hemp has led studies to CBD, another cannabinoid with many health benefits.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil comes from the stalks of the plant. It contains a combination of active phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

This means that some hemp oil may contain low traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other active cannabinoids.

One of the most popular benefits of hemp oil is its benefits for multiple skin conditions. Hemp oil can assist in clearing eczema, fixing dry skin, and other skin irritations. It also moisturizes the skin, repairs skin cells, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Hemp oil can considerably relax and calm down the part of the brain that stimulates pain. Likewise, it can reduce overall stress and manage the severity of the pain.

What is CBD Oil?

Out of the hundreds of active cannabinoids in cannabis sativa plants, CBD is one of the most studied upon because of its many health benefits. It rivals that of THC.

Unlike THC, however, CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties. It does not produce hallucinogenic or intoxicating side effects. There is no potential for abuse or dependency when using any CBD-derived product.

The best CBD oil tincture can alleviate a good number of medical conditions including chronic pains, difficulty in relaxing, and even sleeping problems.

Theoretically, a cannabidiol product is undetected in drug tests but full-spectrum CBD for pain that contains THC might accumulate in small doses. Be sure to inform the one administering the drug test beforehand.

To date, the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated or approved any brand of organic hemp. The product is not intended to replace prescription medications.

CBD Side Effects

Regardless of the stance of scientists and lawmakers on the advantages of cannabis, CBD is undoubtedly a substance of medical importance.

And there’s one feature that’s common to all medical ingredients – they act differently in users.

The benefits, action, and side effects might vary with individuals. The few side effects associated with the intake use of cannabidiol are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lowered appetite or loss of appetite
  • GIT upset
  • Altered liver enzymes

Usually, the first three side effects are a result of the unfamiliarity of the body with the CBD compound.

However, these side effects become unnoticeable after the patients continue to use them for a couple of weeks.

The best bet to reduce the early side effects of CBD is starting out with little doses of CBD during the first week of usage. Then, you can increase it gradually as these side effects become less persistent.

If such side effects persist, stop using it and see your doctor.

Doctors advise patients with special medical conditions to either use small amounts of CBD for sleep or withdraw totally from the substance.

For instance, people with liver disease might have a hard time getting rid of CBD after it has impacted the body. As such, doctors do not prescribe them CBD products.

We discourage nurturing mothers or pregnant women to take CBD products for anxiety, as they might contain impurities that could harm the neonate or babies.

The side effects of cannabis are not the same as the side effects of CBD. CBD is just one out of many cannabinoids present in cannabis or hemp.


How Cannabis Can Help You Sleep Better

Marijuana has always been associated with several health benefits from the centuries. Before cannabis became reputable for its high side effects, it was famous for its health benefits. When we talk about Cannabis (Marijuana), we generally think of the 60s and 70s, of flower power, Woodstock, and loose flowing clothes that signified freedom. CBD can be used to alleviate the symptoms of nausea, enabling a person to go about their daily routines unbothered. Proper sleep is an important aspect of a human life. Studies have revealed that people who take proper sleep are healthier and happier than those who are suffering from the sleeping disorder.

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Cannabis is known for its health benefits for thousands of years. And, people have been consuming the supplement to help them sleep better. Here are three important ways cannabis can make you sleep better.

Scientists have identified more than 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical compounds in cannabis. Many are being studied for overall health, psychological and neurodegenerative conditions, including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, cancer, chronic pain, and sleep.

  1. Cannabis Can Inhibit REM sleep

Regular cannabis users have reported that consuming cannabis can stop dreams. Specifically, THC alters the dream time in stages of sleep. It was also found that THC reduces the time spent REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and increases the time spent in slow-wave sleep. 

Less time in REM means fewer dreams resulting in more sleep. This property is especially helpful for people suffering from PTSD and experiences frequent nightmares. Although after stopping the dose, people often suffer from bursts of dreams. CBD for pain help you to get your muscles relaxed and a restful sleep.

      2. Cannabis and Serotonin Receptors

The working mechanism of cannabis involves modulation of serotonin receptor: 5-HT1A. The relation between the serotonin receptors and cannabis is so complex that we don’t fully understand the exact process. Several examinations have revealed that the consumption of cannabis affects the serotonin receptor 5-HT1A.

Cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBN evoke the serotonin receptors’ response, causing the anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, analgesic, and sedating effects on the body. There is a connection between sleep and serotonin receptors. Studying this property of cannabis can open a new possibility in understanding how cannabis helps you sleep better.

     3. Cannabis and Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is an extremely complex cell-signaling system present in our bodies. ECS is involved in a range of processes in the human body, including memory, sleep, mood, pain, appetite, stress, metabolism, immune function, and reproductive function. One can state that ECS involves the well-being of a person.

Cannabis consumption stimulates ECS, releasing endocannabinoids, causing our body to feel a rush of happiness. It also promotes the feeling of bliss and elevates motivation. Current studies are insufficient for understanding ECS. But, it seems like stimulating ECS can solve the present mysteries surrounding sleep disorders.   

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      4. Cannabis reduce anxiety

Anxiety is one of the reason behind improper sleep cycle. Cannabis promotes restful sleep and calmness by curing the problems like pain, tiredness, panic, restlessness, or overwhelm which make a person awake for whole night.

 It can also decrease anxiety within a range of doses. Whereas THC only in lower doses helps to reduce anxiety and makes you fall asleep, the effect is the exact opposite at higher doses. Lowering anxiety using cannabis might be critical to a healthy sleep cycle. You can take CBD for anxiety to get the best results.



here are more pleasant surprises related to Cannabis that you could find out with a click or tap on your device or through conversations with those who have experienced these hopeful effects that Cannabis has on those who use it.

It is quite surprising that sleep and cannabis are still strange suspense for us humans. We are continually learning and understanding new things about them now and then. The latest technologies and advancements in the medical field might solve our problems surrounding cannabis and sleep.