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Asian herbals & aphrodisiacs used for managing erectile Dysfunction


Jan 8, 2021

The erectile dysfunction is the incapability of males for reaching & at the same time maintaining out erections which is required for optimum performance during  the intercourse. In today’s time, this sexual syndrome is being considered as one  of the most common issue in all those males who are searching out for pleasure.

The failure in erectile responses have already been reported by quite a large number of males irrespective of their age group, race & even culture they belongs  too.

However, aging is undeniably one of the most crucial of the risk factor which has been found to be associated with failure in erectile responses. The research data  has indicated that approximately 1 million of males living in the entire world are  already facing the issues of frequent erectile failures.

Why Special Foods?

In ancient times a difference was made between an essences that increased fertility versus increased love drive. One of the key problems in early times was nutrition.  Food was not so easily available as it is today. Undernourishment produces a loss  of libido as well as decreases pregnancy rates.

Herbs & aphrodisiacs that improves sexual performance

Now the question that arises is that whether the herbs and aphrodisiacs which are utilized in the eastern culture for relieving ED symptoms really help? Well, in the  eastern culture, there is an extensive array of herbal formulations which have been  utilized for helping the aging men to enhance their libido and improve sexual  performance. This is being done through the improvement in sexual arousal,ejaculatory and various other types of responsiveness for achieving optimum  functioning and satisfaction during the sexual activity.

Such Asian herbals & also aphrodisiacs are serving as the formulations for energizing & relieving out males from fatigue and also all those who are suffering  from the sexual asthenia. Certain herbals and aphrodisiacs which are already  available all over the Asian continent are utilized for achieving adequate sexual  functioning and performance. For example Eurycoma longifolia, Ginseng,

Tribulus are utilized as the testosterone releasers. Such herbal remedies impart the added value especially when the men are already going through andropause. The  Ginseng is acting as the energizer which will be relieving the males from tiredness,  fatigue.

It may also possibly relieve those who are facing the asthenia. The aphrodisiacs are considered as either the tonic formulations or food that assists men in the arousal  of their sexuality. Such products are categorized into three groups depending upon  their mode of action:

 Aphrodisiacs that leads to enhancement in sexual pleasure

 Aphrodisiacs that leads to increase in sexual desire

 Aphrodisiacs that leads to the improvement in sexual potency (erectile


In addition to that, extracts of herbs which imbibe medicinal properties are utilized for curing the symptoms of erectile failures in the South Western part of Asian  continent so try Fildena and vidalista 60. The entire curing mechanism of such herbal therapies is based upon the fact that such remedies are actually antiinflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulatory. Apart from all such properties,  such herbal plants are also carrying out the stimulation of testosterone.

Herbal therapies and aphrodisiacs for curing ED

There are certain extracts from the herbal plants that have already been utilized for relieving from ED symptoms in many different parts of the globe, especially the

Southwest part of Asia. Such herbal remediations are known to boost the sexual performance in males through the relief in the erectile symptoms. Some examples  of such herbal therapies include:

E longifolia Jack (tongkat ali)

This is the herb that demonstrates many medicinal characteristics. It has been found in many parts of Asia which include Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and  Vietnam along with Laos as well. Well this Asian herbal remedy is popularly well  known as natural aphrodisiacs, Viagra.

It leads to the enhancement in libido, sexual performance along with the overall well being of the person. The research studies that have been conducted on animals  demonstrated that the root extract of such herb leads to the improvement in the  sexual characteristics along with the improved sexual performance in males.

C borivilianum (safed musli)

The C borivilianum herb belonging to the family of plants, liliaceae is found in the Indian subcontinent. This herb has been extensively utilized as the aphrodisiac. It  is capable of relieving males from the erectile failure issues along with the  improvement in the quality of semen as well as its volume then tadalista and  vidalista 40 are best. Apart from that, this powerful herbal remedy also carries outthe elimination of premature ejaculations; enhance vitality, libido, and stamina  along with the overall well being of the individual.

W. Somnifera (Ashwagandha)

This aphrodisiac is also called as the winter cherry. It belongs to the family of plants, Solanaceae and is growing in the continent of Africa, Indian subcontinent,

Pakistan, Congo, Morocco etc. The roots of this particular herbal plantation comprises of steroid, alkaloids along with the steroidal lactone. Such chemicals are  the most crucial of the components that are present in the W. Somnifera(

Ashwagandha). Apart from that, the roots of this herb also comprises of flavonoids along with many other ingredients of withanolide category. The ashwagandha  imbibes many of the medicinal properties.

It is being extensively utilized as aphrodisiac, anti inflammatory, astringent. This has been used for curing the symptoms of bronchitis, asthma, ulcers, insomnia.

The W. Somnifera is the plant that is aphrodisiac, sedative along with rejuvenative & is capable of curing fatigue, dehydration, weakness of bones, muscles,  impotency, premature ejaculation, senility and arthritis pain in knees.

Pausinystalia johimbe (formerly Corynanthe johimbe)

The johimbe is extracted from the bark of evergreen plant known as C. johimbe. This plant is belonging to the family of Rubiaceae. The most active component that  is present in this herb is yohimbine hydrochloride. This chemical substance  possesses the aphrodisiacal and stimulatory characteristics. But the amount of this  chemical substance which is imbibed in this bark extract varies considerably and at  times it is present in low concentration. The trials that have been conducted for  evaluating the effectiveness of this herb demonstrated its effectiveness in  enhancing libido and also for curing the impotence.

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