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All You Need To Know About Business Social Bookmarking

A Comprehensive Guide to Social Bookmarking for Your Business



Social media is no less than a treasure trove of information waiting to be explored to its core. That said, Internet, especially social media, can be quite the quagmire due to the sheer volume of sites. Which site to hit and which to miss – making this decision can certainly be overwhelming. This is where social bookmarking comes in to tailor the digital realm according to the interests of your brand.

So, what is all this hoopla about social bookmarking?

How does it help your brand find a firmer footing amid the uncertainty of online business? Let us dig in to the many advantages of social bookmarking that will surely compel you to dive into the activity right away!

  • Bookmarking on a site like Pinterest lets you transfer your current bookmarks to their site, bringing your favorite sites at your fingertips.
  • When other users around the globe check through your bookmarks online, your business’s website becomes hyper‐visible.
  • You get to interact with other users by sharing bookmarks, commenting and exchanging messages, thus building a network with similar interests. From a marketing perspective, this brings just the right kind of audience to your site.
  • The more social bookmarking sites you use, the more links you get recognized by search engines, getting a better Google Page Rank.

Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites are Pinterest, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Buzzfeed.

On that note, let us now get to the meat of this blog – how to use social bookmarking to improve the visibility of your business and get more leads. Below is a step-by-step guide along with a list of Dos and Don’ts to abide by.


How to Use Social Bookmarking For Your Brand


  1. Select a site suitable for your business


There are several popular social bookmarking sites, but each one offers something different. You can either put all your social bookmarking efforts into one site or use a blend of two or more. Also, when it comes to choosing a social bookmarking site, the type of your business comes to the forefront.

Here are some of the best bookmarking sites you can consider:


  • Twitter – With more than 300 million users, Twitter is an excellent platform for branding. Apart from posting memes or tracking every activity of your favorite K-pop band, cash on the “re-tweet” feature of the social media platform. Every time you re-tweet, your favorite videos, links and pictures are bookmarked automatically.
  • Reddit – This platform creates a library of subreddits (or sub-categories) using the tagged keywords. You can post links under the relevant subreddit keywords and get upvotes from the members of an online forum. This platform is a great place to find people with shared interests and communicate with them.
  • Pinterest – If you usually post pictures, infographics and short videos more than elaborate articles, Pinterest is the best place for you. You can “pin” the links that interest you, ranging from anything to everything. Suppose your brand offers essay help. In that case, you can pin posts that dish out academic tips and tricks. You can build a network of professional essay writers on Pinterest too.
  • StumbleUpon – This website lets you like and share links from your areas of interest. Based on your initial choices, the site recommends similar links for consumption and to “stumble upon”.
  • Delicious – The best part of Delicious is that it lets you integrate links across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.


  1. Upload the chosen bookmarks and links

Now, uploading bookmarks and creating a library varies from one site to another.

  • Usually, you will have to cut and paste a link that you want to bookmark on your profile via the “upload” forum of the site.
  • To copy a link, right-click on the link address and select “copy” from the dropdown menu of options.
  • Open the social bookmarking site and right-click again to paste the link into the forum.
  • Finally, all you have to do is hit the “upload” or “post” button.

For websites that do not follow this structure, check the tutorial or “help” section to learn how to upload content on the platform.


  1. Link to social media

To get the benefits of the complete package, link your other social media platforms to the social bookmarking site. You can link your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Business profiles to access all the platforms centrally.

This way, you also will not have to log in every time and keeping track of your interests will become easier too. When you upload bookmarks to any of the social media profiles, “tag” the link using relevant keywords to help users find it.

Also, do not forget to download the extensions if the bookmarks are on a desktop browser. Whenever you see a page that you want to bookmark, click on the extension and add it to your business profile on the website.

  1. Use social bookmarking for better SEO

Although social bookmarking cannot improve your business’s Google rank directly, it does better than several SEO tactics. Every time someone uses the keywords related to your business on popular social bookmarking sites with high Google rankings, Google’s algorithms sieve through the search results and deem your ranking higher too.

Here are some steps that you can take to up your SEO game through social bookmarking:

  • Offer special discount codes on social bookmarking sites and link the discount codes to the page or article on your website that you want the readers to visit.
  • Use trending keywords when tagging your links, albeit in a way that makes sense. When you tag popular keywords on your business account, it will drive more traffic to your website.
  • Increase your follower base by being, re-tweeting or pinning links and items that you find popular. The more active you are, the more activity you get on your business account.
  • You can also use social bookmarking sites as a PR tool and inform your target audience about your products and services.


Below you will find a list of DOs and DON’Ts that you need to follow while using social bookmarking for your business account. Here you go!


3 Things to Do when Social Bookmarking for your Business


  1. Connect with others

Use social media bookmarking sites to collect links and create pinboards by categorizing them as per common interests. This will provide you with a space to share common interests, and find inspiration from an online community of like-minded users.


  1. Get colloquial and folksy

Unlike LinkedIn or Google+, social bookmarking gives you the chance to be informal and relatable. So, use fun keywords and colloquial terms to be more “searchable”.


  1. Embrace accessibility

Make sure to tap into the accessibility of the various social bookmarking sites. Since websites like Twitter, Buzzfeed and Pinterest were created as mobile end-user products, use it to create a central meeting point for all things related to your business.


3 Things to Avoid while using Your Business Social Bookmarking Account


  1. Don’t spam

Use social bookmarking sites to promote your content without being too “salesy” or annoying. To come out as a trustworthy brand, do not do anything that is against the community rules.

  1. Don’t just be a receiver

Engage with other users on a social bookmarking platform and share their content. Re-tweet and pin any content you find engaging to make valuable connections.

  1. Don’t be a troll

Do not start a hostile flame war with another brand similar to your business. Be considerate even when engaging in a debate with other users of the site.


Parting words,

With social bookmarking, you get to organize your favorite links and bring your brand to the forefront while deriving inspiration from other users. And there’s more to that!

So, wait no more and start bookmarking links and creating boards with tags and keywords. The network that you become a part of will take your business to new heights at little to no cost.

Get, set, go!


Author Bio: Clara Smith is a PR strategist and social media manager for the essay help brand Cower hails from California and is also a digital marketing keynote speaker who loves to read and travel.

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