How to fix foggy windows? 7 Easy steps

How to fix foggy windows? 7 Easy steps

Fogging is most prevalent during the rainy season, which already adds an element of risk to driving. Do you want to know the easy hacks on how to fix foggy windows, then this article is perfect for you.

Condensation occurs when heated air comes into touch with a cold surface. Condensation or fogging is a typical issue in automobiles. However, it is highly dangerous when the glass and windshield of a car become fogged, as this can significantly impair the driver’s eyesight.

As a motorist, you do not want to be driving with poor vision on slippery, wet roads; this puts you in an extremely risky scenario. There are several methods for defogging your automobile and preventing fogging, and we will discuss some of the more efficient ones here today.

How to fix foggy windows? Reason Behind Foggy Windshield 

  1. Temperature Changes 

Between the Interior and Exterior of Your car, Temperature differences between the interior and exterior of your car can cause moisture build-up within the windshield, increasing the chance of a foggy windshield inside your car.

  1. Unclean Windshield

How to fix foggy windows? 7 Easy steps

On your windshield, dirt, trash, and other particles can build. Meanwhile, moisture particles adhere more readily to a filthy surface than they do to a clean surface. As a result, a filthy automobile windshield might result in a foggy windshield outside the vehicle, and you’ll be able to find out the answers to how to fix foggy windows.

  1. Mechanics

A cabin filter is a standard feature in vehicles manufactured after 2000. The filter traps pollen, dust, and other impurities, assisting in regulating the air quality within your car. Additionally, the cabin filter filters the heat and air conditioner in your vehicle.

Excess junk inside a cabin filter might impair the defroster’s effectiveness. Excess debris, in this case, can degrade the air quality inside your car, making your windshield more prone to condensation, which results in fog.

Defogging in Winters: How to fix foggy windows?

When it is chilly outdoors, fogging occurs on the inside of the car. This occurs because the car’s glass is cold, and when you sit inside, the humidity condenses on the glass. The humidity level in the automobile cabin is high because we exhale water vapors. Consider the following as the optimal method for clearing fogged-up windows during the winter:

How to fix foggy windows? 7 Easy steps

Step 1) Turn on the heater to its maximum setting: Here’s an interesting fact: hot air at 103° Fahrenheit/40° Celcius contains more than ten times the amount of moisture as cold air at 36° Fahrenhiet/2° Celcius. Therefore, put up the heater to maximum power to allow the air to retain more moisture.

Step 2) Turn on the air conditioner: Turning the air conditioner forces air to travel over the cold AC coils. As condensation forms on the cold AC coils, the dry air will enter the cabin in this manner. Have you ever observed a puddle of water beneath your vehicle? That is condensation from the air conditioning coil.

Step 3) Disable recirculation (insert fresh air from the outside): As previously stated, cold air has less moisture. We want to draw this chilly air in and warm it up to boost its moisture-absorbing ability. As a result, we’re going to switch off the air recirculation.

Step 4) Crack open the side windows: Cracking open the side windows aids in hot and cold airflow. This has an immediate effect on fog removal, whether in the winter or summer.

During the summer, defogging the windshield.

Summers bring fogging outside the cabin. This occurs when the outside air is damp, and the glass is cold. Let us examine ways to address it:

1) Increase the temperature of the air conditioner (make it hotter):

How to fix foggy windows? 7 Easy steps

You need to raise the temperature of the windshield somewhat, as it is the cold glass that is creating the fogging. As a result, decreasing the AC fan speed and temperature might be beneficial.

2) Windshield wipers:

Because the fog is accumulating on the outside of the windshield, you can clear it using wipers. At times, wipers may not operate easily in the fog. Therefore it’s a good idea to spray some washer fluid as well.

3) Crack open the windows:

This also helps in this instance, as air exchange lowers the difference in temperature between the outside and inside.

How to fix foggy windows? Suggestions for Avoiding a Foggy Windshield

Several of the most effective strategies to avoid a foggy windshield include the following:

  1. Clean Windows with an Ammonia-Based Window Cleaner

A window cleaner containing ammonia can assist you in removing build-up within your windshield. Thus, you may clean the interior of your windshield with an ammonia-based window cleaner. Apply the window cleaner in horizontal or vertical strokes, then reapply the cleaner to the interior of your windshield regularly.

  1. Apply Shaving Cream to the Interior of Your Windshield

Wipe shaving cream across the interior of your windshield with a dry, clean cloth, then wipe the shaving cream off the windshield with a second towel. This results in the formation of a protective coating on the inside of your windshield, which aids in the prevention of fogging.

  1. When You Warm Up Your Car, Activate the Defroster

How to fix foggy windows? 7 Easy steps

Any time you warm up your vehicle, turn on the defroster. If you use a remote starting to warm up your car on cold mornings, remember to turn on the defroster the night before to clear the windshield of fog.

  1. Switch to Fresh Air Mode

Ascertain that your vehicle’s heater or air conditioner is set to fresh air mode, not recirculate. Otherwise, your car may recirculate humid or wet air, increasing the likelihood of windshield fogging.

  1. Maintain an Open Car Window

This is the easiest hack on how to fix foggy windows. Even modestly opening a single window in your automobile might assist keep your windshield from fogging up.

  1. Wipe Your Shoes Before Entering Your Automobile

Before entering your automobile, wipe your shoes with a dry towel to eliminate any snow or moist dew. This assists in reducing the quantity of moisture in your automobile, hence decreasing your likelihood of encountering a foggy windshield. 

  1. Inspect Your Vehicle’s HVAC System

How to fix foggy windows? 7 Easy steps

Faulty heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can make clearing fog from your windshield difficult. If your windshield begins to fog up when you turn on your car’s defroster, take it to an auto body repair shop. In this manner, auto body repair company personnel can evaluate and fix your vehicle’s HVAC system.

A foggy windshield makes driving risky for you and other motorists. However, by following the techniques mentioned above, you can easily eliminate foggy windshields inside and outside your vehicle.

Whether you’re driving during the summer, winter, or rain, visibility is paramount. Most traffic accidents occur due to a lack of sight, and fogging can be a significant contributor. It is always prudent to take measures before venturing out into the road to safeguard your safety and the safety of others.

These defogging techniques and tactics for your car’s windshield and windows are incredibly effective and should be employed by anybody who has encountered this problem.


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