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7 Big Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing a Voltas AC

With AC sales rising like the Indian summer temperature, AC manufacturers aim to give consumers the best that current cooling technology has to offer while keeping prices competitive. The primary factor that strikes Indian consumers is the cost of an appliance. Weighing an air conditioner price against its value, then, is the main concern for Indian AC buyers.

With a range of brands in the Indian marketplace, ACs to suit every budget and home requirement exist. Many brands like Voltas, Blue Star, LG, and Samsung have ACs in different sizes, with different cooling capacities. Voltas, a key contender in the Indian AC market held the first position with a market share of approximately 23% in FY19. Apart from being one of India’s largest air conditioning companies, Voltas is also among the 10 top  Tata Group companies.

Voltas’ Advantage

With international brands competing against each other, Voltas keeps innovating to lure Indian customers. In 2019, with the launch of a new Voltas air conditioner, one that has an adjustable inverter, users could switch AC capacity from 1.5 tons to 1 ton within the same unit. This “flexible” invention won the hearts of tech-savvy customers. This has also led to Voltas selling over a million units in the past few years.

While Voltas is one of the oldest AC brands in India, people often make the blind choice of buying one off the shelf, simply based on the age and reputation of the brand. It is true that it is a company that makes budget models you may want, but here are things to consider before you make a purchase.


  • AC Type – Know beforehand what kind of AC you need for your specific purpose. Voltas manufactures a wide array of window ACs as well as split ACs, with high-tech features and specifications. If you live in a small area and wish to have a Volta’s air conditioner for cooling a 100 square foot room, you should go for a 1-ton window AC, though you may find a split AC reasonable in price. In this way, you will save on energy and heavy installation costs. 
  • Price – Although Voltas offers models for budget consumers, these may come with less advanced technology for the price they are offered at. Make sure you don’t compromise on the technology, because you see a low-priced AC and get tempted. You may want that a large area gets cooled faster, such as a 200 square foot hall area, for instance. In such a case, a Voltas split AC of 2 tons will suffice, like the Copper coil model SAC 245V ZZV with inverter technology.
  • Technology – Be abreast of new technology in Voltas ACs, and buy the model that has the latest advancements. You don’t buy ACs every day, and you shouldn’t make the mistake of buying an older model just because the cost is a few thousand rupees lower. The most advanced high-end models come with the best-in-class refrigerant (R 410A), which doesn’t cause depletion of the ozone layer. See that you buy the latest inverter compressor copper coil models, as some budget models don’t have them. Also, ensure that your Voltas AC has hydrophilic fins, protecting the AC from corrosion. 
  • Energy Efficiency – Voltas ACs, though they come with energy ratings of 5 stars, qualify for this due to a lower range of criteria than other similar models in several brands. The company barely seems to cover standards to meet the 4 and 5-star rating qualifications. 
  • After-sales Service – Voltas is somewhat inconsistent in its after-sales service. While this differs from city to city, reports of consumers having to wait for days with repeated follow-ups show that service is something to consider. With the air conditioner price being low for some of the models, people tend to overlook this aspect. 
  • Installation – Sometimes, installation of Voltas AC may incur additional charges and may not be timely. Although you may have bought your high-end AC model, you may find that you have to follow up to get it installed quickly. 
  • Warranty Coverage – It’s important that you know what Voltas AC warranty covers, in terms of the service and the period. The company offers a 5-year comprehensive warranty, but you should be well-informed about its specifics. 

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