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20 wonderful things to do on a holiday to Goa

Goa is your place to be if you are a great watchman and enjoy water sports. Windsurf, jet skiing, Speed boats, swimming, Banana tuba, Knee and wakeboarding, all sorts of water sports are available.



Over and above golden sand beaches, the crystal-blue water, and parties, it is hard to think of GOA. See beaches beyond. Rich in music, its Portuguese heritage reminds you of its architecture. His rustic cuisine is mainly unavailable in Goa’s luxury, with European flavors.


You can do stuff on your road to Goa.


  1. Spectacular Playgrounds


You will be reminded of the magnificent sea, the golden sand beaches, palm trees. No better spot to be quiet than on one of Goa’s beaches. Both North and South Goa are surrounded by amazing beaches. Between Christmas and New Year and the summer season in May is the perfect time for beach visits. The beaches are some of the favorites for visitors, like Palolem beach, Agonda beach, Colva beach, Dona Paula beach, and Calangute beach. You will enjoy the pool, different water sports and sunbathe.


  1. Discover the sports of water


Goa is your place to be if you are a great watchman and enjoy water sports. Windsurf, jet skiing, Speed boats, swimming, Banana tuba, Knee and wakeboarding, all sorts of water sports are available. It offers all kinds of water sports. The most sporty water sports are Calangute beach, Anjuna beach, and Baga beach.


  1. Casino’s Visit


No longer a sport is gambling. Gambling is popular in Goa, and there are no international norm inshore and off-shore casinos. Most casinos on the shore of the Mandovi River can be found on boats. The best offshore casinos are Deltin Royale and Casino pride. The pride of the casino is the cheaper of both.


  1. Street Food Relish


Goan curry, chilled and fried fish isn’t all that you have to sell when it comes to food on the street. Few are conscious of Goa’s abundance of night snacks. Potato chips with beef and shallow fried are a frequent favorite. Pumpkin chops are filled and fried for vegetarians with egg. Furthermore, the omelet is always a hot favorite. In the local shacks near the beaches, you will find them.


  1. Get God’s Blessings


It’s got temples, that’s subtlety now. Old Goa has many churches and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It includes the cathedral of Se, the church of S. It is associated with numerous convents. The basilica of Caetano and in particular Bom Jesus containing St. Francis’ mortal remains.

  1. Watching birds


This situation is rich in the richness of birds. You can stay in a backwoods camp if you are a bird fan who wishes to see Goa’s best jungles. You can also choose from the packages to be provided by Canopy Goa.


  1. Go on a cycling tour


The best way to discover it is on a bike. However, if the fuel is poor, it could be a problem before the next fuel station can be located. Join the markets and beaches with a two-wheel drive.


  1. Go to Slideshow.


Travel over the sea during Goa’s Paragliding. You can also do aviation across the sea if you like. Fascinating paragliding in the air from 15 minutes to 1 hour without landing on Goa’s coastline can be performed by experienced instructors. You can reserve your airplane videographer for the flight if you like. Look at the video for your flight, takeoff, landing, and flight preparations. Sports like Anjuna Beach, Calangute Beach, Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Majorda Beach, Dona Paula Beach, and so on. You’ll have the chance to enjoy your sport.


  1. Type a tattoo


Tattoos are about imagination, individuality, rituality, resistance, or eternal memories. A Heena Tattoo or a continuous tattoo can be done here. It is home to some of the country’s best tattoo studios.


  1. Group before dawn party


It is renowned for its peaceful and soothing culture. Though people relax and enjoy the afternoon, Goa is about partying as soon as the sun goes down. Both North and South Goa please travelers with a wonderful nightclub list that mixes the new music with the local beats. Where North is enjoying its big nightlife with clubs like the Peacock Pub, Havana, Cavala, Shore Bars, and CafĂ© Del Mar, South has also a great selection of party venues such as Jets, Mambo’s, and Tito’s, it’s possible to shake your feet and party till the morning hours.


  1. Up Shack


Only when we plan to abandon the comfort of our hotels and choose one of our houses on the beach is Goa’s cultural picture realized. Sit at the beach shack while you are there and watch the world pass slowly while sipping your drinks and eating the tastiest delicacies. The only locations that Simons has to be are Beach Cabins, Palm groves, Blue Corner, and Zanzibar.


  1. Take the Cruise of the Mandovi


The sunset Mandovi river cruise is a pleasurable way to spend an evening here. It’s a wonderful way to look ahead. The cruise included a live band and dancers who performed Goan folk songs and dances often animated, sometimes lackluster.


  1. Enjoy the healthy patrimony


It is also a house with beautiful buildings that recall the Portuguese, who ruled Goa, along with the beaches. These villas, mansions, and historic buildings are designed in an architecture that combines Indian and Portuguese styles. Your stay here is completed by a visit to one of the mansions. This is part of the ancient Goa.


  1. Turtle Nesting Testimony


The famous sea tortoises live in this country. This tourist country’s secluded beaches are the ideal place to see the unusual Olive Ridley tortoises. The nests of these marine animals are many beaches like the unexplored and quiet beach of Morjim. During the turtle breeding season, the locals try every year to protect the sea turtles, eggs, and young ones.


  1. Spots Goa Dolphin


Many boat owners on various areas in Goa’s beaches offer dolphin-watching excursions. Take a Fishing Boat trip to see the Dolphins feed on their natural environment early in the morning because it’s a huge delight to see those graceful animals. October to May is the perfect time to see these animals in the wild. Even several specialist dolphin spotting firms pay you if you don’t find a dolphin in the wild. You can find the most beautiful beaches on Dolphin, such as Candolim beach, Calangute beach, Palolem beach, Agonda beach, Miramar beach, Aguada bay, Dona Paula beach, and Grande island, all of which are situated in the south of the island of Goa and are situated in north Goa.


  1. Anjuna Flea Market Store


This popular market is situated close to Anjuna beach with a mixture of Kashmiri, Gujarati, and Tibetan stores, clothing, and jewelry stalls, and a variety of food stores. Kept every Wednesday, it sells almost all around the coast.


  1. Try the tasty food


Goa is one of the few places in India where his native cuisine has mixed with that of a foreign country, resulting in an absolutely wondrous lip-smack. You can’t forget Kulkul, Ros Omelette, and Sannas Goan curry. Vindaloo pork is one of the many foods you can enjoy.


  1. Discover a Silent Party


Silent Noise offers a rare party experience, which you can enjoy on Palolem South beach or Neptune every Saturday night. All party animals receive wireless headsets and you can turn from DJ to listen and dance throughout the night without upsetting anyone else. You won’t be able to hear anything if you take off the headsets. It’s unconventional and it is a place to experience and to remember because of its atmosphere and the surroundings.


  1. Tour of Spice Plantation


A tour to every spice plantation of Goan makes all the senses very cool and rejuvenating. During your Sahakari Spice Plantation tour, you will learn how local spices and herbs are growers organically. Enjoy a Crocodile experience on this private eco-tour, while cruising along the Canal Cumbarjua. Enjoy an experience of riding an elephant once in a whole lifetime, you can even help you give it a bath.


  1. Trek and camping in Dudhsagar


The fifth waterfall in India is Dudhsagar. It is a peaceful and exciting place. It’s quiet. It is situated near the border of Goa-Karnataka, between the railway stations Collem and Castle Rock. The railway bridge which leads into a two-tier visual treatment is what makes it exotic.