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10+ Tips To Prevent Eye Strain While Working Or Studying From Home

We all are caged at home during this pandemic and everything is going online now. Our eyes are suffering a lot in this pandemic and thus are most easily vulnerable to strain. Here are some preventive measures that will help you to prevent eye-strain.



We all are restless during this current pandemic. The situation is not easy for any of us and now. Every public place where there is a chance of spreading coronavirus is closed, and everything is going virtually. School, colleges, office work, and everything virtual now. 

The pandemic has maximized the usage of digital devices among all age groups which is not good for our eyes. Everything is going virtually, be it the office work or the online classes. It has become difficult for our eyes to manage due to the increase in the screening time. We have to take some preventive measures to prevent eye strain while working. Hand Sanitisers and Fogger Machines are helping us to stop the spread, and till then we all have to work online only. 

The work from home concept has increased our vulnerability to face more screens throughout the day. Be it a television screen, laptop screen, or mobile screens. Most of our time is spent on these devices and now, we need a solution. Although this will not damage our eyes permanently, it can cause a sense of discomfort in your eyes which is painful enough.  In this article, there are best working and studying tips to prevent eye strain during this coronavirus period. 

Health Practices preventing Eye-Strain while working from home. 

Here are some of the health practices mentioned that will help you to prevent strain on your eyes.

  • Positioning of Screen

Well, some people think that the position of the screen will not create any difference in your eye strain. It does. It is expected from you that you should keep your screen at an angle of 15-20 degree tilted. That is, it should be at some angle below eye-level. You also have to take care of the distance of the screen from your eyes. It should be at least 20 inches away from your eyes for minimum strain. If you are not able to maintain such a distance, then it is advisable to change your computer desk instead. 

  • Lightning can make the difference

Glare from the screen is the major reason why we face eye-strain. To avoid this, set the screen at such a position that gives you minimum glare. Glare can even be from overhead eyes or windows. So adjust them in such a way that they create minimum glare on your eyes. If you are left with no other option and are still facing glare in your eyes, then you can choose an anti-glare screen to decrease the intensity of the reflected rays. 

  • Font Size

If you are working from home, then you must be doing some typing work. If yes, then choose a font size that is comfortable for your eyes. Never choose a small font that can put a strain on your eyes. So, use a bigger font size. You can work on 18, 20, and even more above to avoid strain on your eyes. 

  • Correct your posture 

You are advised to change your chair height at that position where your feet are comfortable touching the floor. Remember, keep your back straight, and your wrist shouldn’t be straight while typing. 

  •  Remember to blink

Blinking is a natural action that is done to reduce the strain on the eyes. Remember to blink frequently, to keep your ocular surface moist and minimize dryness in your eyes. If you are having dryness in your eyes, then you are subjected to more strain into your eyes, thus to minimize this strain, blink frequently. 

  • Take short Breaks

Do not work continuously for hours. Take short breaks in between, give your eyes rest. Giving rest to eyes will reduce their strain which will help you in the long run. You can take a short 3-4 minutes break in every 20 minutes of work you do. You can also take a 20-minute break in every 2 hours of your continuous work. This is one of the best things you can do to prevent strain on your eyes. 

  • Work in a monotonous environment

When something is constantly moving in front you, your eye will give it more attention. This constant shifting of your focus will lead to the weakening of your eye muscles and thus will mark an impact on your eyes. You can reduce this by constantly blinking eyes. 

  • Take Proper Nutrition

However, the condition is, you should never compromise with nutritious food. Nutrition is necessary for proper eyesight. This will help you to reduce strain on your eyes and help you to work for longer hours. Don’t forget to sanitize your hand before eating anything. 

  • Splash with cold water

When you feel any sort of itching in your eyes, splash some cold water in your eyes. Splashing cold water into the eyes will help moisturize the inner skin thus relaxing muscles and reduce strain in them. 

  • Take proper sleep

If you are taking proper sleep at night, then the chances of accumulating strain in your eyes reduce. This will help you to work for longer hours. Proper sleep is the most essential activity that you should do every day. 

  • Opt for desktop rather than a smartphone 

If you have options available between desktop and mobile screens, go with a desktop screen then. The desktop will allow you to focus on a more wide area rather than a small square, and thus will decrease the strain in your eyes. 


There are various treatments that can be offered by doctors. You have various habits that you should change. If your eye-strain problem continues, you should seek the help of a professional doctor. 

These are home remedies that can work efficiently if you have temporary problems. But, if you are constantly facing such eye problems, you should seek help from a doctor.