10 of Sri Lanka’s best family attractions

Where to spend your holidays with your family? If so, you’re preparing to fly to Sri Lanka. Take our guide to this final escape, get your eyes going, and be confident you will not be less than a pack full of fun and excitement on your journey to this exotic family destination! Sri Lanka is surrounded by interesting children’s spots, famous places for adults, and endless family life. Go to places, visit monuments, or enjoy some of the most fun places, as this country offers a good opportunity to rediscover the ties of your family and a good time. We have enrolled 10 of Sri Lanka’s best attractions to help you get the best family holiday so make sure you read this blog before you plan your path.


  1. Langued Boat Ride Beira Lake: Enjoy


Tell your family the happiest moments! Do not forget that the Beira Lake is located in the capital city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, a relaxing boat trip. Rent a duck paddle boat here and enjoy the beauty of the waters. You can find swans and actual dukes as you are paddling through the waters, making your boat trip even more fun. You will certainly be spellbinding on your family holiday in Sri Lanka.


  1. Temple of Dambulla Cave: Enjoy a Soulful tour.


Go on for a trip to the Temple of Dambulla Cave, again one of Sri Lanka’s most famous sights. It is declared the UNESCO World Heritage Area, also known as the Golden Rock Temple. In the holy pavilions of this temple, look for consolation with your kin. You can also watch the rarity of the temple’s indescribable architecture, which consists of a large granite outcrop, on a walk. If one of you is an art lover, Dambulla Cave Temple is confident that it will treat your eyes with its worthy historical paintings.


  1. Dondra head phare: escape to the postcard spot


Feel like a fairytale heroine, escape to Dondra’s headlight, 6 km southeast of Matara city, with your loved ones. You will be completely charmed by the gushing ocean waves, by the large swinging coconut trees, and by the vibrant Bougainvillea flowers. Soak in the beauty of this place and take beautiful family photos in this fascinating atmosphere. Dating from the colonial era, this lighthouse is the ultimate family getaway from the ordinary heat and company.


  1. Museum of Sigiriya: Lift history


It’s a great day for the family to go to the Sigiriya Museum. A visit to the Sigiriya Museum is a must for lovers of history. Takes your children to the gallery and let them enjoy the rich historical history while transported to the previous days. Let them look at rooms, images, and models in the architecture. Surely this excursion will help them learn a lot about the symbolic past and art. The museum’s conceptual architecture will delight you and bring your history back to life.


  1. Ulpotha Village: Yoga and Ayurveda Relaxation and Rejuvenation


In Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats, along with your family looking for peace and quiet, the perfect getaway to Ulpotha. Surrounded on the one hand by green grounds and on the other by a pool, this place rejuvenates the calm and the serenity of your senses. Soak yourself in the traditional life of the village and rejuvenate with calming Ayurveda treatments. Feel refreshed by taking your children to the morning yoga classes in this enjoyable place. This place gives your family the ultimate space to shed fatigue.


  1. Mirissa: Test your fishing hands


Mirissa is a perfect family-friendly destination. This place provides an excellent opportunity to fish, which every family member will enjoy. Fishing in Mirissa is one of the best things to do on your family trip to Sri Lanka. As a picturesque coastal land, Sri Lanka offers you great opportunities to do so. A large range of fishes is to be seen here in Sri Lanka, such as Tuna, Jackfish, Kingfish, Trevally, Barramundi, and Indian Mackerel.


  1. Relish the Bird Watching Tour Lake Tissamaharama:


One of the must-visit sites in Sri Lanka is the city of Tissamaharama. A bird-watching paradise, the city will give your family a happy bird watching experience. Enjoy the view of Pannagamuwa lake, Weerawila lake, Tissa lake, Yodha, and Debarawewa lake together and enjoy a rare assortment of birds, which serve as a great place for birding. Testify to the kingdom of birds and enjoy this friendly family activity at its finest.


  1. Swig to Orange Coconut Collupitiya


After covering the must-see places in Sri Lanka, you should not forget to visit one spot with your family. Walkthrough the humorous premises of Kollupitiya, Colombo’s main district and taste your loved ones’ refreshing local drinks. Orange coconut or King Coconut is the ideal flavor of a cocktail. Thambili is also the sweetest and tastiest drink in the local language. Swing an orange cocoon and finish with this sweet memory on your family trip to Sri Lanka.


  1. Kandy’s train ride to Ella Scenic


From Kandy take the train to Ella. You’d like the journey never to finish. This is one of the most incredible journeys on a train as the train rattles past lush green countryside and stunning picturesque scenery in direction of Ella. Don’t miss the chance to experience the hugely mountainous areas of Nebel, clouds, waterfalls, and tea plantations when riding from the window of the train. This is one of Sri Lanka’s most exciting family events. During your visit.


  1. Colombo: Like a Local Travel


Explore the wonders of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s ever-busy capital. Travel in a tuk-tuk (autos) like a local and take in the passionate roamer. Tuk-tuks operate as excellent transport means as they drive you all over the city’s attractive areas. If you come to a polite and patient driver, you might be fortunate enough to stop anywhere, take as numerous pictures as you want and gain insight into local lives.

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