10 of Iceland’s best things to do

Iceland is a little island that can only be mentioned worldwide. Its sparkling ice caves, bursts of geysers, volcanic landscapes can take you elsewhere. Iceland has no disappointment in Ecotourism and this is a big industry. This magical country awaits you with dramatic landscapes and pristine nature.


After 2011, I returned twice to Iceland to lounge and drive the Golden Circle along with a friend of my local friend on my first visit to the Blue Lagoon. The ground, however limited, has so many things to offer and I will return in future years. Check out these 10 best Iceland stuff and you might be as hooked as you are.


  1. Blue Lake to soak in


Spend a relaxing day in the Blue Lagoon for the ultimate spa experience. This naturally heated pool, which is supplied with mineral-rich water from the nearby geothermal energy plant, has many skin advantages. Its milky blue water holds the temperature at around 102 degrees F (39° C) throughout the year, making it famous even when winter is over.


  1. Enjoy the Golden Circle beauty


This path consists of three spectacular natural marvels: Netlandvellir National Park, Geyser Geyser Geyser (dormant) and Strokkur Geyser Geysers Geysers (dormant) (falls out every 5-10 minutes) and Gullfoss Waterfall. These attractions show the most beautiful geography of Iceland.


Although the Golden Circle spans just about 300 kilometers and cars can be rented, there are several economical tours that leave the local professionals driving.


  1. Iceland Airwaves Rock Out


A music festival held at the beginning of November is Iceland Airwaves. This is a major party that highlights Icelandic and foreign skills in all Reykjavik locations. The festival contains “on-venue and “off-venue” activities. You can buy a ticket on arrival at the entrance to the headliners and stages in the area. However, Icelandic “out-of-venue” artists are free to view if you just want to hop around downtown Reykjavik.

Make sure you make an early booking for your lodging. If you wait too long, it is restricted and can become very costly!


  1. North Light Take a look


Only countries nearest to the North and South Poles see the Northern Lights every year.


This celestial light display is caused by sunlight particles electrically charged that collide with atmospheric gases. The effect is vivid waves in the darkened sky. Tours cannot guarantee that the lights will be seen, but hunting is half fun for them.


From Iceland, between late September and late March, you will visit Aurora Borealis with great chances to catch light from late August to mid-April.


  1. Icelandic pony riding


What better way than on an Icelandic pony to explore the robust countryside? DNA can be traced back to the original Viking colonies in the 9th century, these rotting horses. In reality, it’s so pure that it is the only race on the island. Externally there is no import for horses, nor will those who leave return.


The strict legislation is applied not only to maintain race purity but also to protect Icelandic Pony against the spread of disease. You can book a tour to ride an Icelandic pony, inspired and undeniably adorable! These life stories transport you across volcanic ruins, rolling hills, and even along the coast.


  1. Discover a Mega Jeep Volcano.


Did you ever want to see a nearby volcano? Well, you should in Iceland! Literally, the country is a hotbed of volcanic and geothermal activity.


Eyjafjallajökull, a volcano blamed for interrupting international aviation in 2010, can be seen in a Super Jeep fitted with field mastering tires. It’s covered by volcanic ash and hot lava rocks and is a chance to approach one of the deadliest wonders of nature once in a lifetime.


  1. Travel along with the sculpture of Reykjavik and Shore walk


Iceland is certainly not known for its low costs, but budget-friendly items can be hard to find in Iceland. At entering a country that relies mainly on imports, you must be struck by a sticker shock. Free activities are a welcome addition to your trip after you have sheltered a decent amount on lodging, food, and tours.


As almost all touring in the capital city of Iceland starts and finishes, Reykjavik will spend time there. The Sculpture & Shore Walk takes you across the city with Island art and stunning views. If you want to spend a day in town with this meal of fermented hi, this economic activity can be enjoyed by the entire family.


  1. Visit the peninsula of Reykjanes


The Reykjanes Peninsula reveals some of the most unique landscape of Iceland in the South of Reykjavik. This small island has no lack of natural resources for the use of renewable energy, well known for its geothermal and volcanic activities throughout history.

Part of the tour involves a visit to the geothermal plant in Svartsengi that supplies over 20,000 inhabitants with hot water and the popular by-product of the Blue Lagoon. Apart from the sight of thermal sources, lava fields, and cliffs, some stops in the old fishing villages will demonstrate Icelandans’ historical ability to live off the land in full reverence for hundreds of years.


  1. Go to ice cream


Also in Iceland’s popular National Park, Europe’s largest glacier is. National Park Vatnajökull is based around the glacier of Vatnajökull and offers cycling, campsites, and a great opportunity to discover spectacular ice caves. Walking the cavernous interior is a glacier that began to form about 2,500 years ago that will introduce you to its etheric beauty and hopefully remind you of why These natural wonders are so important to protect.


  1. Sample Island food tours Sample


During his trip to Iceland Anthony Bourdain’s, late chef and tour blogger said he had ever put the fermented shark into his mouth, the “single worst thing”


Although this taste is acquired, it is part of a long tradition that must not be overlooked in the Viking culture. A food tour of Reykjavik gives you the opportunity to enjoy Icelandic cuisine as you see the city and pick up some history along the way.


As you can see, Iceland has many things to do for any kind of tour or trip that you want. This northern country has something for everyone, whether you love extreme tourism or just want to have a relaxing day at the spa. You can definitely find a trip to Iceland on the list of the most beautiful and exclusive countries to visit.

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